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TypeAuthor(s)TitleOther TitlesCitationCitation(alt)Issue Date
article鈴木, 亮輔チタン新製錬の第6回国際円卓会議6th International Round Table on Titanium Production in Molten Salt (Ti-RT2018)チタンTitanium・Japan28-Oct-2018
articleNatsui, Shungo; Sawada, Akinori; Kikuchi, Tatsuya; Suzuki, Ryosuke O.Holdup Characteristics of Melt in Coke Beds of Different Shapes-ISIJ International-15-Sep-2018
article (author version)Ahmadi, Eltefat; Yashima, Yuta; Suzuki, Ryosuke O.; Rezan, Sheikh AbdulFormation of Titanium Sulfide from Titanium Oxycarbonitride by CS2 Gas-Metallurgical and materials transactions B-process metallurgy and materials processing science-Aug-2018
article夏井, 俊悟; 澤田, 旺成; 照井, 光輝; 柏原, 佑介; 菊地, 竜也; 鈴木, 亮輔回転強度試験における時系列3D scanningと固気液三相の移動解析によるコークス変形が及ぼす充填層内流れ特性評価Evaluation of Coke Degradation Effect on Flow Characteristics in Packed Bed Using 3D Scanning for Rotational Mechanical Strength Test and Solid-liquid-gas Three-phase Dynamic Model Analysis鉄と鋼-1-Jul-2018
articleNatsui, Shungo; Nashimoto, Ryota; Nakajima, Daiki; Kikuchi, Tatsuya; Suzuki, Ryosuke O.Column and film lifetimes in bubble-induced two-liquid flow-Physical Review E-18-Jun-2018
article (author version)Oki, Sae; Natsui, Shungo; Suzuki, Ryosuke O.Performance Analysis of Thermoelectric Modules Consisting of Square Truncated Pyramid Elements Under Constant Heat Flux-Journal of electronic materials-Jun-2018
article菊地, 竜也; 中島, 大希; 池田, 大樹; 近藤, 竜之介; 河原, 魁; 國本, 海斗; 岩井, 愛; 鈴木, 雄介; 秋谷, 俊太; 竹永, 章正; 西長, 理; 夏井, 俊悟; 鈴木, 亮輔表面ナノ構造に基づく新規機能性アルミニウム材料の開発Advanced functional aluminum materials based on nanostructured surface軽金属Journal of Japan Institute of Light Metals30-Apr-2018
article (author version)Fujimura, Toshio; Takeshita, Kunimasa; Suzuki, Ryosuke O.Mathematical Analysis of the Solidification Behavior of Plain Steel Based on Solute- and Heat-Transfer Equations in the Liquid–Solid Zone-Metallurgical and Materials Transactions B-Apr-2018
articleNatsui, Shungo; Ohno, Ko-ichiro; Sukenaga, Sohei; Kikuchi, Tatsuya; Suzuki, Ryosuke O.Detailed Modeling of Melt Dripping in Coke Bed by DEM – SPH-ISIJ International-15-Feb-2018
articleNakajima, Daiki; Kikuchi, Tatsuya; Natsui, Shungo; Suzuki, Ryosuke O.Advancing and receding contact angle investigations for highly sticky and slippery aluminum surfaces fabricated from nanostructured anodic oxide-RSC advances-2018
article (author version)Suzuki, Nobuyoshi; Suzuki, Ryosuke O.; Natsui, Shungo; Kikuchi, TatsuyaBranched morphology of Nb powder particles fabricated by calciothermic reduction in CaCl2 melt-Journal of physics and chemistry of solids-Nov-2017
proceedingsNatsui, Shungo; Sawada, Akinori; Kikuchi, Tatsuya; Suzuki, Ryosuke O.A direct numerical simulation of trickle flow in cokes bed-Proceedings of 1st International Conference on Energy and Material Efficiency and CO2 Reduction in the Steel Industry (EMECR2017)-Oct-2017
proceedingsSuzuki, Ryosuke O.; Matsuura, Fumiya; Natsui, Shungo; Kikuchi, TatsuyaConversion of CO2 to CO gas using molten CaCl2 and ZrO2 anode-Proceedings of 1st International Conference on Energy and Material Efficiency and CO2 Reduction in the Steel Industry (EMECR2017)-Oct-2017
article (author version)Lu, Baiyi; Meng, Xiangning; Tian, Yue; Zhu, Miaoyong; Suzuki, Ryosuke O.Thermoelectric performance using counter-flowing thermal fluids-International journal of hydrogen energy-10-Aug-2017
article (author version)Meng, Xiangning; Lu, Baiyi; Zhu, Miaoyong; Suzuki, Ryosuke O.Thermoelectric Generation Using Counter-Flows of Ideal Fluids-Journal of electronic materials-Aug-2017
proceedingsSuzuki, Ryosuke O; Takahashi, Erika; Kitamura, Mika; Yashima, Yuta; Noguchi, Hiromi; Natsui, Shungo; Kikuchi, TatsuyaTitanium Fabrication via CaCl2 from FeTiO3-Proceedings of the 6th Asian Conference on Molten Salts Chemistry and Technology-13-Jul-2017
article (author version)Akiya, Shunta; Kikuchi, Tatsuya; Natsui, Shungo; Suzuki, Ryosuke O.Nanostructural characterization of large-scale porous alumina fabricated via anodizing in arsenic acid solution-Applied surface science-1-May-2017
articleSuzuki, Ryosuke O第5回溶融塩中でのチタン製錬国際円卓会議の報告(Ⅲ)-チタン-Apr-2017
articleSuzuki, N; Tanaka, M; Noguchi, H; Natsui, S; Kikuchi, T; Suzuki, R. OCalcium Reduction of TiS2 in CaCl2 Melt-MATERIALS TRANSACTIONS-1-Mar-2017
articleSuzuki, Ryosuke O; Noguchi, Hiromi; Hada, Hiromasa; Natsui, Shungo; Kikuchi, TatsuyaReduction of CaTiO3 in Molten CaCl2 - as Basic Understanding of Electrolysis-MATERIALS TRANSACTIONS-1-Mar-2017
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