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articleIshii, TetsuyaMitochondrial replacement techniques and Mexico's rule of law : on the legality of the first maternal spindle transfer case-Journal of law and the biosciences2017年 5月 9日
article (author version)久保, 直樹断層画像再構成の基礎 : フィルタ補正逆投影法と逐次近似法Concepts and methods of image reconstruction : Filtered Back-projection and iterative reconstruction心臓核医学 : 日本心臓核医学会ニュースレター2017年 4月14日
articleIshii, TetsuyaGerm line genome editing in clinics: the approaches, objectives and global society-Briefings in functional genomics2017年 1月
articleUkon, Naoyuki; Kubo, Naoki; Ishikawa, Masayori; Zhao, Songji; Tamaki, Nagara; Kuge, YujiOptimization of helical acquisition parameters to preserve uniformity of mouse whole body using multipinhole collimator in single-photon emission computed tomography-Results in physics2016年 9月20日
article (author version)Ishii, Tetsuya; Araki, MotokoConsumer acceptance of food crops developed by genome editing-Plant cell reports2016年 7月
article (author version)Ishii, Tetsuya; Pera, Renee A ReijoCreating human germ cells for unmet reproductive needs-Nature Biotechnology2016年 5月 6日
article (author version)久保, 直樹障害を防止し安全を確保することを見据えた画像技術-北海道放射線技術雑誌 = Journal of Hokkaido radiological technology : JHRT2015年10月
article (author version)Araki, Motoko; Ishii, TetsuyaTowards social acceptance of plant breeding by genome editing-Trends in plant science2015年 3月
articleAraki, Motoko; Ishii, TetsuyaInternational regulatory landscape and integration of corrective genome editing into in vitro fertilization-Reproductive Biology and Endocrinology2014年11月24日
articleIshii, TetsuyaFetal stem cell transplantation : Past, present, and future-World Journal of Stem Cells2014年 9月26日
article (author version)Kubo, Naoki; Tsuchiya, Katsutoshi; Shiga, Tohru; Kojima, Shinichi; Suzuki, Atsuro; Ueno, Yuichiro; Kobashi, Keiji; Tamaki, NagaraCollimator for Variable Sensitivity and Spatial Resolution Without the Need for Exchange-IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science2014年 8月 8日
article (author version)Ishii, TetsuyaPotential impact of human mitochondrial replacement on global policy regarding germline gene modification-Reproductive BioMedicine Online2014年 8月
article (author version)Araki, Motoko; Nojima, Kumie; Ishii, TetsuyaCaution required for handling genome editing technology-Trends in Biotechnology2014年 5月
article (author version)Ishii, Tetsuya; Pera, Renee A. Reijo; Greely, Henry TEthical and Legal Issues Arising in Research on Inducing Human Germ Cells from Pluripotent Stem Cells-Cell Stem Cell2013年 8月 1日
検索結果表示: 1 - 14 / 14


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