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永井伯弥氏の学位論文:『Immunocytochemical assessment of cell differentiation of podoplanin-positive osteoblasts into osteocytes in murine bone』について



吉田, 弥生 (2021) 過疎地域における地域づくりの集団的主体の形成に関する研究 [論文内容及び審査の要旨]. 北海道大学. 博士(教育学)
片岡, 義明 (2021) ウェアラブルセンサを用いた3次元歩行解析システムH-Gaitの運動器障害への臨床応用に関する研究. 北海道大学. 博士(保健)
片岡, 義明 (2021) ウェアラブルセンサを用いた3次元歩行解析システムH-Gaitの運動器障害への臨床応用に関する研究 [論文内容及び審査の要旨]. 北海道大学. 博士(保健)
Chen, Pengru... [et al.] (2020) Unraveling the hydrolysis of beta-1,4-glycosidic bonds in cello-oligosaccharides over carbon catalysts. Catalysis science and technology, 10(14): 4593-4601
Carbon catalysts having weakly acidic groups are uniquely active for hydrolysis of cellulose to prod....
Aizaki, Hideo... [et al.] (2021) Measuring farmers' preferences for weather index insurance in the Ayeyarwady Delta, Myanmar : a discrete choice experiment approach. Paddy and Water Environment, 19: 307-317
This study examines farmers' preferences for weather index insurance (WII) in the Ayeyarwady Delta, ....
Taya, Yurie... [et al.] (2021) Applications of Blocker Nucleic Acids and Non-Metazoan PCR Improves the Discovery of the Eukaryotic Microbiome in Ticks. Microorganisms, 9(5): 1051
Ticks serve as important vectors of a variety of pathogens. Recently, the viral and prokaryotic micr....
Yamazaki, Jumpei... [et al.] (2021) DNA methylation landscape of 16 canine somatic tissues by methylation-sensitive restriction enzyme-based next generation sequencing. Scientific reports, 11(1): 10005
DNA methylation plays important functions in gene expression regulation that is involved in individu....
Kaneko, Chiho... [et al.] (2021) Immunization Coverage and Antibody Retention against Rabies in Domestic Dogs in Lusaka District, Zambia. Pathogens, 10(6): 738
Rabies remains endemic in Zambia. Despite conducting canine vaccinations in Lusaka district, the vac....
Sponar, Stephan... [et al.] (2021) Experimental test of entropic noise-disturbance uncertainty relations for three-outcome qubit measurements. Physical Review Research, 3(2): 023175
Information-theoretic uncertainty relations formulate the joint immeasurability of two noncommuting ....
Takasaki, Ryuji... [et al.] (2020) Stomach histology of Crocodylus siamensis and Gavialis gangeticus reveals analogy of archosaur "gizzards", with implication on crocodylian gastroliths function. Acta Herpetologica, 15(2): 111-118
Two groups of extant Archosauria, Crocodylia and Neornithes, have two- chambered stomachs and store ....


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