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articleTan, Chengbo; Zhao, Songji; Higashikawa, Kei; Wang, Zifeng; Kawabori, Masahito; Abumiya, Takeo; Nakayama, Naoki; Kazumata, Ken; Ukon, Naoyuki; Yasui, Hironobu; Tamaki, Nagara; Kuge, Yuji; Shichinohe, Hideo; Houkin, Kiyohiro[18F]DPA-714 PET imaging shows immunomodulatory effect of intravenous administration of bone marrow stromal cells after transient focal ischemia-EJNMMI research-2-May-2018
article (author version)Uchino, Haruto; Kazumata, Ken; Ito, Masaki; Nakayama, Naoki; Kuroda, Satoshi; Houkin, KiyohiroCrossed cerebellar diaschisis as an indicator of severe cerebral hyperperfusion after direct bypass for moyamoya disease-Neurosurgical Review-19-Feb-2020
article (author version)Kawabori, Masahito; Kuroda, Satoshi; Nakayama, Naoki; Hirata, Kenji; Shiga, Toru; Houkin, Kiyohiro; Tamaki, NagaraEffective Surgical Revascularization Improves Cerebral Hemodynamics and Resolves Headache in Pediatric Moyamoya Disease-World Neurosurgery-Nov-2013
article (author version)Osanai, Toshiya; Ito, Yasuhiro; Ushikoshi, Satoshi; Aoki, Takeshi; Kawabori, Masahito; Fujiwara, Kensuke; Ogasawara, Katsuhiko; Tokairin, Kikutaro; Maruichi, Katsuhiko; Nakayama, Naoki; Ono, Kota; Houkin, Kiyohiro; Kazumata, KenEfficacy of 'drive and retrieve' as a cooperative method for prompt endovascular treatment for acute ischemic stroke-Journal of Neurointerventional Surgery-Aug-2019
article (author version)Gekka, Masayuki; Nakayama, Naoki; Uchino, Haruto; Houkin, KiyohiroFactors influencing cerebral aneurysm obliteration and reliability of indocyanine green video-angiography-Acta neurochirurgica-Feb-2018
articleTan, Chengbo; Shichinohe, Hideo; Wang, Zifeng; Hamauchi, Shuji; Abumiya, Takeo; Nakayama, Naoki; Kazumata, Ken; Ito, Tsuneo; Kudo, Kohsuke; Takamoto, Shigeru; Houkin, KiyohiroFeasibility and efficiency of human bone marrow stromal cell culture with allogeneic platelet lysate-supplementation for cell therapy against stroke-Stem Cells International-2016
articleHarada, Yae; Hirata, Kenji; Nakayama, Naoki; Yamaguchi, Shigeru; Yoshida, Michiharu; Onodera, Shunsuke; Manabe, Osamu; Shiga, Tohru; Terae, Satoshi; Shirato, Hiroki; Tamaki, NagaraImprovement of cerebral hypometabolism after resection of radiation-induced necrotic lesion in a patient with cerebral arteriovenous malformation-Acta radiologica open-29-Jun-2015
article (author version)Furukawa, Koji; Abumiya, Takeo; Sakai, Keiji; Hirano, Miki; Osanai, Toshiya; Shichinohe, Hideo; Nakayama, Naoki; Kazumata, Ken; Hida, Kazutoshi; Houkin, KiyohiroIncreased blood viscosity in ischemic stroke patients with small artery occlusion measured by an electromagnetic spinning sphere viscometer-Journal of Stroke and Cerebrovascular Diseases-Nov-2016
article (author version)Hokari, Masaaki; Nakayama, Naoki; Nishihara, Hiroshi; Houkin, KiyohiroPathological findings of saccular cerebral aneurysms : impact of subintimal fibrin deposition on aneurysm rupture-Neurosurgical review-Jul-2015
article (author version)Shimbo, Daisuke; Abumiya, Takeo; Shichinohe, Hideo; Nakayama, Naoki; Kazumata, Ken; Houkin, KiyohiroPost-ischemic intra-arterial infusion of liposome-encapsulated hemoglobin can reduce ischemia reperfusion injury-Brain Research-20-Mar-2014
article (author version)Tokairin, Kikutaro; Kazumata, Ken; Uchino, Haruto; Ito, Masaki; Ono, Kota; Tatezawa, Ryota; Shindo, Takafumi; Kawabori, Masahito; Nakayama, Naoki; Houkin, KiyohiroPostoperative Intracerebral Hemorrhage After Combined Revascularization Surgery in Moyamoya Disease : Profiles and Clinical AssociationsPostoperative ICH after combined revascularization surgery in MMDWorld neurosurgery-Dec-2018
articleShichinohe, Hideo; Kawabori, Masahito; Iijima, Hiroaki; Teramoto, Tuyoshi; Abumiya, Takeo; Nakayama, Naoki; Kazumata, Ken; Terasaka, Shunsuke; Arato, Teruyo; Houkin, KiyohiroResearch on advanced intervention using novel bone marrOW stem cell (RAINBOW) : a study protocol for a phase I, open-label, uncontrolled, dose-response trial of autologous bone marrow stromal cell transplantation in patients with acute ischemic stroke-BMC neurology-8-Sep-2017
articleKawabori, Masahito; Yoshimoto, Tetsuyuki; Ito, Masaki; Fujimoto, Shin; Mikami, Taisei; Muraki, Mutsuko; Kaneko, Sadao; Nakayama, Naoki; Kuroda, Satoshi; Houkin, KiyohiroSpontaneous Echo Contrast and Thrombus Formation at the Carotid Bifurcation After Carotid Endarterectomy-Neurologia medico-chirurgica-Dec-2012
articleKawabori, Masahito; Kuroda, Satoshi; Nakayama, Naoki; Kenmotsu, Yasuko; Shimizu, Hiroshi; Tanino, Michie; Iwasaki, YoshinobuSpontaneous Giant Aneurysm of the Superficial Temporal Artery : Case Report-Neurologia medico-chirurgica-May-2009
article (author version)Shimbo, Daisuke; Abumiya, Takeo; Kurisu, Kota; Osanai, Toshiya; Shichinohe, Hideo; Nakayama, Naoki; Kazumata, Ken; Nakamura, Hideki; Shimuzu, Hiroshi; Houkin, KiyohiroSuperior Microvascular Perfusion of Infused Liposome-Encapsulated Hemoglobin Prior to Reductions in Infarctions after Transient Focal Cerebral Ischemia-Journal of stroke & cerebrovascular diseases-Dec-2017
articleKawabori, Masahito; Kuroda, Satoshi; Kudo, Kohsuke; Terae, Satoshi; Kaneda, Makoto; Nakayama, Naoki; Iwasaki, YoshinobuSusceptibility-Weighted Magnetic Resonance Imaging Detects Impaired Cerebral Hemodynamics in the Superior Sagittal Sinus Thrombosis : Case Report-Neurologia medico-chirurgica-Jun-2009
article (author version)Kawabori, Masahito; Kuroda, Satoshi; Terasaka, Shunsuke; Nakayama, Naoki; Matsui, Yoshiro; Kubota, Suguru; Nakamura, Masanori; Nakanishi, Katsuhiko; Okamoto, Fumiyuki; Iwasaki, YoshinobuTherapeutic Strategies for Patients with Internal Carotid or Middle Cerebral Artery Occlusion Complicated by Severe Coronary Artery Disease-World Neurosurgery-Apr-2010
article (author version)Kurisu, Kota; Abumiya, Takeo; Ito, Masaki; Gekka, Masayuki; Osanai, Toshiya; Shichinohe, Hideo; Nakayama, Naoki; Kazumata, Ken; Houkin, KiyohiroTransarterial regional hypothermia provides robust neuroprotection in a rat model of permanent middle cerebral artery occlusion with transient collateral hypoperfusion-Brain research-15-Nov-2016
article (author version)Abumiya, Takeo; Katoh, Masahito; Moriwaki, Takuya; Yoshino, Masami; Aoki, Takeshi; Imamura, Hiroyuki; Aida, Toshimitsu; Scichinohe, Hideo; Nakayama, Naoki; Kazumata, Ken; Houkin, KiyohiroUtility of Early Post-treatment Single-Photon Emission Computed Tomography Imaging to Predict Outcome in Stroke Patients Treated with Intravenous Tissue Plasminogen Activator-Journal of Stroke & Cerebrovascular Diseases-May-2014
article (author version)Fujima, Noriyuki; Osanai, Toshiya; Shimizu, Yukie; Yoshida, Atsushi; Harada, Taisuke; Nakayama, Naoki; Kudo, Kohsuke; Houkin, Kiyohiro; Shirato, HirokiUtility of noncontrast-enhanced time-resolved four-dimensional MR angiography with a vessel-selective technique for intracranial arteriovenous malformations-Journal of magnetic resonance imaging-Oct-2016
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