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articleAsahi, Yoh; Kamiyama, Toshiya; Orimo, Tatsuya; Shimada, Shingo; Nagatsu, Akihisa; Sakamoto, Yuzuru; Ishizuka, Chihiro; Hamada, Kazuya; Kamachi, Hirofumi; Takakuwa, Emi; Mitsuhashi, Tomoko; Taketomi, AkinobuLaparoscopic hepatectomy for hepatic angiomyolipoma with preoperative diagnosis of other malignancy : a report of 2 cases-Surgical case reports-8-Dec-2021
articleShimada, Shingo; Kamiyama, Toshiya; Kakisaka, Tatsuhiko; Orimo, Tatsuya; Nagatsu, Akihisa; Asahi, Yoh; Sakamoto, Yuzuru; Abo, Daisuke; Kamachi, Hirofumi; Taketomi, AkinobuImpact of gadolinium-ethoxybenzyl-diethylenetriamine pentaacetic acid-enhanced magnetic resonance imaging on the prognosis of hepatocellular carcinoma after surgery-JGH open-Jan-2021
articleKamachi, H.; Homma, S.; Kawamura, H.; Yoshida, T.; Ohno, Y.; Ichikawa, N.; Yokota, R.; Funakoshi, T.; Maeda, Y.; Takahashi, N.; Amano, T.; Taketomi, A.Intermittent pneumatic compression versus additional prophylaxis with enoxaparin for prevention of venous thromboembolism after laparoscopic surgery for gastric and colorectal malignancies : multicentre randomized clinical trial-BJS Open-Oct-2020
articleShimada, Shingo; Kamiyama, Toshiya; Orimo, Tatsuya; Nagatsu, Akihisa; Asahi, Yoh; Sakamoto, Yuzuru; Kamachi, Hirofumi; Taketomi, AkinobuPrognoses, outcomes, and clinicopathological characteristics of very elderly patients with hepatocellular carcinoma who underwent hepatectomy-World journal of surgical oncology-10-Jun-2020
article (author version)Wakizaka, Kazuki; Yokoo, Hideki; Kamiyama, Toshiya; Kakisaka, Tatsuhiko; Ohira, Masafumi; Tani, Michio; Kato, Koichi; Fujii, Yuki; Sugiyama, Ko; Nagatsu, Akihisa; Shimada, Shingo; Orimo, Tatsuya; Kamachi, Hirofumi; Matsuoka, Ryosuke; Taketomi, AkinobuCD133 and epithelial cell adhesion molecule expressions in the cholangiocarcinoma component are prognostic factors for combined hepatocellular cholangiocarcinoma-Hepatology Research-13-Feb-2020
article (author version)Shimada, Shingo; Kamiyama, Toshiya; Yokoo, Hideki; Orimo, Tatsuya; Nagatsu, Akihisa; Ohata, Takanori; Kamachi, Hirofumi; Taketomi, AkinobuPrognoses and Clinicopathological Characteristics for Hepatocellular Carcinoma Originating from the Caudate Lobe After Surgery-World journal of surgery-Apr-2019
articleShibuya, Kazuaki; Kamachi, Hirofumi; Orimo, Tatsuya; Nagatsu, Akihisa; Shimada, Shingo; Wakayama, Kenji; Yokoo, Hideki; Kamiyama, Toshiya; Taketomi, AkinobuPancreaticoduodenectomy with Preservation of Collateral Circulation or Revascularization for Biliary Pancreatic Cancer with Celiac Axis Occlusion : A Report of 2 Cases-The American journal of case reports-9-Apr-2018
articleKamiyama, Toshiya; Orimo, Tatsuya; Wakayama, Kenji; Shimada, Shingo; Nagatsu, Akihisa; Yokoo, Hideki; Kamachi, Hirofumi; Yamashita, Kenichiro; Shimamura, Tsuyoshi; Taketomi, AkinobuSurvival outcomes of hepatectomy for stage B Hepatocellular carcinoma in the BCLC classification-World journal of surgical oncology-22-Aug-2017
article (author version)Shimada, Shingo; Kamiyama, Toshiya; Yokoo, Hideki; Orimo, Tatsuya; Wakayama, Kenji; Einama, Takahiro; Kakisaka, Tatsuhiko; Kamachi, Hirofumi; Taketomi, AkinobuClinicopathological Characteristics of Hepatocellular Carcinoma with Microscopic Portal Venous Invasion and the Role of Anatomical Liver Resection in These CasesPredictive factors for microscopic portal venous invasion and the place of anatomic liver resectionWorld journal of surgery-Aug-2017
article (author version)Orimo, Tatsuya; Kamiyama, Toshiya; Yokoo, Hideki; Wakayama, Kenji; Shimada, Shingo; Tsuruga, Yosuke; Kamachi, Hirofumi; Taketomi, AkinobuHepatectomy for Hepatocellular Carcinoma with Bile Duct Tumor Thrombus, Including Cases with Obstructive JaundiceHCC with bile duct tumor thrombusAnnals of surgical oncology-Aug-2016
articleTsuruga, Yosuke; Kamiyama, Toshiya; Kamachi, Hirofumi; Shimada, Shingo; Wakayama, Kenji; Orimo, Tatsuya; Kakisaka, Tatsuhiko; Yokoo, Hideki; Taketomi, AkinobuSignificance of functional hepatic resection rate calculated using 3D CT/(99m)Tc-galactosyl human serum albumin single-photon emission computed tomography fusion imagingSignificance of functional hepatic resection rate calculated using 3D CT/99mTcgalactosyl human serum albumin single-photon emission computed tomography fusion imagingWorld Journal of Gastroenterology-7-May-2016
articleMizukami, Tatsuzo; Kamachi, Hirofumi; Mitsuhashi, Tomoko; Tsuruga, Yosuke; Hatanaka, Yutaka; Kamiyama, Toshiya; Matsuno, Yoshihiro; Taketomi, AkinobuImmunohistochemical analysis of cancer stem cell markers in pancreatic adenocarcinoma patients after neoadjuvant chemoradiotherapy-BMC Cancer-21-Sep-2014
article (author version)Kawamata, Futoshi; Homma, Shigenori; Kamachi, Hirofumi; Einama, Takahiro; Kato, Yasutaka; Tsuda, Masumi; Tanaka, Shinya; Maeda, Masahiro; Kajino, Kazunori; Hino, Okio; Takahashi, Norihiko; Kamiyama, Toshiya; Nishihara, Hiroshi; Taketomi, Akinobu; Todo, SatoruC-ERC/mesothelin provokes lymphatic invasion of colorectal adenocarcinoma-Journal of gastroenterology-Jan-2014
articleWakayama, Kenji; Kamiyama, Toshiya; Yokoo, Hideki; Kakisaka, Tatsuhiko; Kamachi, Hirofumi; Tsuruga, Yosuke; Nakanishi, Kazuaki; Shimamura, Tsuyoshi; Todo, Satoru; Taketomi, AkinobuSurgical management of hepatocellular carcinoma with tumor thrombi in the inferior vena cava or right atrium-World journal of surgical oncology-5-Oct-2013
articleKakisaka, Tatsuhiko; Kamiyama, Toshiya; Yokoo, Hideki; Nakanishi, Kazuaki; Wakayama, Kenji; Tsuruga, Yosuke; Kamachi, Hirofumi; Mitsuhashi, Tomoko; Taketomi, AkinobuAn intraductal papillary neoplasm of the bile duct mimicking a hemorrhagic hepatic cyst: a case report-World Journal of Surgical Oncology-24-May-2013
articleKawamata, Futoshi; Kamachi, Hirofumi; Einama, Takahiro; Homma, Shigenori; Tahara, Munenori; Miyazaki, Masaya; Tanaka, Shinya; Kamiyama, Toshiya; Nishihara, Hiroshi; Taketomi, Akinobu; Todo, SatoruIntracellular localization of mesothelin predicts patient prognosis of extrahepatic bile duct cancer.-International journal of oncology-Dec-2012
articleKamiyama, Toshiya; Nakanishi, Kazuaki; Yokoo, Hideki; Kamachi, Hirofumi; Tahara, Munenori; Kakisaka, Tatsuhiko; Tsuruga, Yosuke; Todo, Satoru; Taketomi, AkinobuAnalysis of the risk factors for early death due to disease recurrence or progression within 1 year after hepatectomy in patients with hepatocellular carcinoma-World Journal of Surgical Oncology-14-Jun-2012
articleNoguchi, Keita; Yokoo, Hideki; Nakanishi, Kazuaki; Kakisaka, Tatsuhiko; Tsuruga, Yosuke; Kamachi, Hirofumi; Matsushita, Michiaki; Kamiyama, ToshiyaA long-term survival case of adult undifferentiated embryonal sarcoma of liver-World Journal of Surgical Oncology-27-Apr-2012
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