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article (author version)Yamazaki, Tomohiro; Matsuo, Junji; Takahashi, Satoshi; Kumagai, Shouta; Shimoda, Tomoko; Abe, Kiyotaka; Minami, Kunihiro; Yamaguchi, HiroyukiA characteristic of polymorphic membrane protein F of Chlamydia trachomatis isolated from male urogenital tracts in Japan-Journal of Infection and Chemotherapy-Dec-2015
articleYamazaki, Tomohiro; Matsuo, Junji; Kikuchi, Momoka; Miyamoto, Kentaro; Oka, Kentaro; Takahashi, Motomichi; Takahashi, Satoshi; Okubo, Torahiko; Yamaguchi, HiroyukiDraft Genome Sequence of Chlamydia trachomatis Strain 54, Isolated from the Urogenital Tract of a Male in Japan-Genome Announcements-22-Oct-2015
article (author version)Matsuo, Junji; Nakamura, Shinji; Takeda, Seiji; Ishida, Kasumi; Yamazaki, Tomohiro; Yoshida, Mitsutaka; Chiba, Hitoshi; Hui, Shu-Ping; Yamaguchi, HiroyukiSynergistic Costimulatory Effect of Chlamydia pneumoniae with Carbon Nanoparticles on NLRP3 Inflammasome-Mediated Interleukin-1 beta Secretion in Macrophages-Infection and immunity-Jul-2015
articleYamane, Chikayo; Yamazaki, Tomohiro; Nakamura, Shinji; Matsuo, Junji; Ishida, Kasumi; Yamazaki, Sumire; Oguri, Satoshi; Shouji, Natsumi; Hayashi, Yasuhiro; Yoshida, Mitsutaka; Yimin; Yamaguchi, HiroyukiAmoebal Endosymbiont Parachlamydia acanthamoebae Bn9 Can Grow in Immortal Human Epithelial HEp-2 Cells at Low Temperature; An In Vitro Model System to Study Chlamydial Evolution-PLoS ONE-2-Feb-2015
articleYamaguchi, Hiroyuki; Matsuo, Junji; Yamazaki, Tomohiro; Ishida, Kasumi; Yagita, KenjiDraft Genome Sequence of High-Temperature-Adapted Protochlamydia sp. HS-T3, an Amoebal Endosymbiotic Bacterium Found in Acanthamoeba Isolated from a Hot Spring in Japan-Genome Announcements-2015
articleOguri, Satoshi; Hanawa, Tomoko; Matsuo, Junji; Ishida, Kasumi; Yamazaki, Tomohiro; Nakamura, Shinji; Okubo, Torahiko; Fukumoto, Tatsuya; Akizawa, Kouzi; Shimizu, Chikara; Kamiya, Shigeru; Yamaguchi, HiroyukiProtozoal ciliate promotes bacterial autoinducer-2 accumulation in mixed culture with Escherichia coli-The Journal of General and Applied Microbiology-2015
articleIshida, Kasumi; Matsuo, Junji; Yamamoto, Yoshimasa; Yamaguchi, HiroyukiChlamydia pneumoniae effector chlamydial outer protein N sequesters fructose bisphosphate aldolase A, providing a benefit to bacterial growth-BMC microbiology-21-Dec-2014
articleIshida, Kasumi; Sekizuka, Tsuyoshi; Hayashida, Kyoko; Matsuo, Junji; Takeuchi, Fumihiko; Kuroda, Makoto; Nakamura, Shinji; Yamazaki, Tomohiro; Yoshida, Mitsutaka; Takahashi, Kaori; Nagai, Hiroki; Sugimoto, Chihiro; Yamaguchi, HiroyukiAmoebal Endosymbiont Neochlamydia Genome Sequence Illuminates the Bacterial Role in the Defense of the Host Amoebae against Legionella pneumophila-PLoS ONE-18-Apr-2014
articleWatanabe, Reina; Shimoda, Tomoko; Yano, Rika; Hayashi, Yasuhiro; Nakamura, Shinji; Matsuo, Junji; Yamaguchi, HiroyukiVisualization of hospital cleanliness in three Japanese hospitals with a tendency toward long-term care-BMC Research Notes-2014
article (author version)Ishida, Kasumi; Kubo, Takeru; Saeki, Ayumi; Yamane, Chikayo; Matsuo, Junji; Yimin; Nakamura, Shinji; Hayashi, Yasuhiro; Kunichika, Miyuki; Yoshida, Mitsutaka; Takahashi, Kaori; Hirai, Itaru; Yamamoto, Yoshimasa; Shibata, Ken-Ichiro; Yamaguchi, HiroyukiChlamydophila pneumoniae in human immortal Jurkat cells and primary lymphocytes uncontrolled by interferon-γ-Microbes and infection / Institut Pasteur-Mar-2013
articleMatsuo, Junji; Nakamura, Shinji; Ito, Atsushi; Yamazaki, Tomohiro; Ishida, Kasumi; Hayashi, Yasuhiro; Yoshida, Mitsutaka; Takahashi, Kaori; Sekizuka, Tsuyoshi; Takeuchi, Fumihiko; Kuroda, Makoto; Nagai, Hiroki; Hayashida, Kyoko; Sugimoto, Chihiro; Yamaguchi, HiroyukiProtochlamydia Induces Apoptosis of Human HEp-2 Cells through Mitochondrial Dysfunction Mediated by Chlamydial Protease-Like Activity Factor-PLoS One-11-Feb-2013
articleOkude, Miho; Matsuo, Junji; Nakamura, Shinji; Kawaguchi, Kouhei; Hayashi, Yasuhiro; Sakai, Haruna; Yoshida, Mitsutaka; Takahashi, Kaori; Yamaguchi, HiroyukiEnvironmental chlamydiae alter the growth speed and motility of host acanthamoebae.-Microbes and environments-7-Dec-2012
article (author version)Hojo, Fuhito; Sato, Daisuke; Matsuo, Junji; Miyake, Masaki; Nakamura, Shinji; Kunichika, Miyuki; Hayashi, Yasuhiro; Yoshida, Mitsutaka; Takahashi, Kaori; Takemura, Hiromu; Kamiya, Shigeru; Yamaguchi, HiroyukiCiliates Expel Environmental Legionella-laden Pellets for Stockpiling Food-Applied and Environmental Microbiology-Aug-2012
article (author version)Kubo, Takeru; Ishida, Kasumi; Matsuo, Junji; Nakamura, Shinji; Hayashi, Yasuhiro; Sakai, Haruna; Yoshida, Mitsutaka; Takahashi, Kaori; Hirai, Itaru; Yamamoto, Yoshimasa; Yamaguchi, HiroyukiChlamydia trachomatis serovar L2 infection model using human lymphoid Jurkat cells-Microbial Pathogenesis-Jul-2012
article (author version)Hayashi, Yasuhiro; Imin, Y.; Matsuo, Junji; Nakamura, Shinji; Kunichika, Miyuki; Yoshida, Mitsutaka; Takahashi, Kaori; Yamaguchi, HiroyukiA domino-like chlamydial attachment process: Parachlamydia acanthamoebae attachment to amoebae is concurrently required for several amoebal released molecules and serine-protease activity-Microbiology-Jun-2012
articleYamazaki, Tomohiro; Matsumoto, Megumi; Matsuo, Junji; Abe, Kiyotaka; Minami, Kunihiro; Yamaguchi, HiroyukiFrequency of Chlamydia trachomatis in Ureaplasma-positive healthy women attending their first prenatal visit in a community hospital in Sapporo, Japan-BMC Infectious Diseases-2-Apr-2012
article (author version)Ishida, Kasumi; Yamazaki, Tomohiro; Motohashi, Kazuki; Kobayashi, Miho; Matsuo, Junji; Osaki, Takako; Hanawa, Tomoko; Kamiya, Shigeru; Yamamoto, Yoshimasa; Yamaguchi, HiroyukiEffect of the steroid receptor antagonist RU486 (mifepristone) on an IFNγ-induced persistent Chlamydophila pneumoniae infection model in epithelial HEp-2 cells-Journal of Infection and Chemotherapy-Feb-2012
articleIto, Atsushi; Matsuo, Junji; Nakamura, Shinji; Yoshida, Asahi; Okude, Miho; Hayashi, Yasuhiro; Sakai, Haruna; Yoshida, Mitsutaka; Takahashi, Kaori; Yamaguchi, HiroyukiAmoebal Endosymbiont Protochlamydia Induces Apoptosis to Human Immortal HEp-2 Cells-PLoS ONE-Jan-2012
article (author version)Kobayashi, Miho; Ishida, Kasumi; Matsuo, Junji; Nakamura, Shinji; Nagasawa, Ayumi; Motohashi, Kazuki; Yao, Takashi; Hirai, Itaru; Yamamoto, Yoshimasa; Suzuki, Haruki; Shimizu, Chikara; Matsuno, Kazuhiko; Yamaguchi, HiroyukiChlamydophila pneumoniae attachment and infection in low proteoglycan expressing human lymphoid Jurkat cells-Microbial Pathogenesis-Sep-2011
article (author version)Oguri, Satoshi; Matsuo, Junji; Hayashi, Yasuhiro; Nakamura, Shinji; Hanawa, Tomoko; Fukumoto, Tatsuya; Mizutani, Yoshihiko; Yao, Takashi; Akizawa, Kouzi; Suzuki, Haruki; Shimizu, Chikara; Matsuno, Kazuhiko; Kamiya, Shigeru; Yamaguchi, HiroyukiCiliates promote the transfer of the gene encoding the extended-spectrum  -lactamase CTX-M-27 between Escherichia coli strains-Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy-Mar-2011
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