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千葉, 惠 (2023) 桝形山聖書講義 平和をつくる二種類の正義 : 南原繁『国家と宗教』を手掛かりに. 方舟, 63: 173-241
Niu, Xiaoying... [et al.] (2022) Regulatory mechanism of a heat-activated retrotransposon by DDR complex in Arabidopsis thaliana. Frontiers in Plant Science, 13: 1048957
The RNA-directed DNA methylation (RdDM) pathway plays an essential role in the transposon silencing ....
Kikuchi, Emi... [et al.] (2022) Chemogenetic inhibition of the bed nucleus of the stria terminalis suppresses the intake of a preferable and learned aversive sweet taste solution in male mice. Behavioural brain research, 439: 114253
Conditioned taste aversion (CTA) is established by pairing a taste solution as a conditioned stimulu....
Kuroda, Masamichi... [et al.] (2023) Improvement in group identification of dojo loach, Misgurnus anguillicaudatus, using PCR-restriction fragment length polymorphism. Conservation genetics resources, 13: 457-463
In most Japanese populations of dojo loach (Misgurnus anguillicaudatus), gonochoristic diploids of g....
Uji, Toshiki... [et al.] (2023) Treatment with heat shock protein 90 (Hsp90) inhibitors induces asexual life cycle in the marine red alga Neopyropia yezoensis (Rhodophyta). Aquaculture research, 52(12): 6814-6817
Ueno, Hiromichi... [et al.] (2022) Global Distribution and Interannual Variation in the Winter Halocline. Journal of physical oceanography, 52(4): 665-676
The distribution and interannual variation in the winter halocline in the upper layers of the World ....
加川, 真二朗 (2022) 育種効率化を目指したウシ体外受精卵生産技術に関する研究 [全文の要約]. 北海道大学. 博士(農学)
根本, 一宏 (2022) Colloidal Synthesis of Coherent InP/ZnS Core/Shell Nanocrystals for Optoelectronic Applications [an abstract of dissertation and a summary of dissertation review]. 北海道大学. 博士(理学)
加川, 真二朗 (2022) 育種効率化を目指したウシ体外受精卵生産技術に関する研究 [論文内容及び審査の要旨]. 北海道大学. 博士(農学)
Futamura, Ryo... [et al.] (2022) Size-dependent growth tactics of a partially migratory fish before migration. Oecologia, 198(2): 371-379
In many migratory species, smaller migrants suffer higher mortality rates during the risky migration....


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