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Dr. Nagai Tomoya: "Immunocytochemical assessment of cell differentiation of podoplanin-positive osteoblasts into osteocytes in murine bone"
This doctoral dissertation was originally withheld from publication, but it had been available on HUSCAP from March 2020 due to a mistake by Hokkaido University.
We have now withdrawn it from this site.
We sincerely apologize to everyone involved.

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五味, 伸太郎 (2021) 網漁具の状態推定と制御に関する基礎的研究 [論文内容及び審査の要旨]. 北海道大学. 博士(水産科学)
阿部, 嵩志 (2021) 遡河性サケ属魚類のシナプス開口放出関連分子に関する分子神経学的研究 [全文の要約]. 北海道大学. 博士(水産科学)
遡河性サケ属魚類 (Oncorhynchus spp.,以下,サケ類) は,生まれた河川 (母川) に固有のニオイ組成を学習現象の1種である刷込を形成しながら降海し,海洋で成長した後,性成熟の開始とと....
阿部, 嵩志 (2021) 遡河性サケ属魚類のシナプス開口放出関連分子に関する分子神経学的研究 [論文内容及び審査の要旨]. 北海道大学. 博士(水産科学)
King, Daniel R.... [et al.] (2020) Anisotropic Double-Network Hydrogels via Controlled Orientation of a Physical Sacrificial Network. ACS applied polymer materials, 2(6): 2350-2358
We report a method to create anisotropic double-network (DN) hydrogels, through the controlled orien....
Kimura, Takashi... [et al.] (2020) Micro-liquid enclosure array and its semi-automated assembling system for x-ray free-electron laser diffractive imaging of samples in solution. Review of Scientific Instruments, 91(8): 083706
We developed micro-liquid enclosure arrays (MLEAs) for holding solution samples in coherent diffract....
永田, 正樹 (2021) 部下育成行動とリフレクション支援 [全文の要約]. 北海道大学. 博士(経営学)
Ramaiah, Manish (2021) Role of treated wastewater in mitigating urbanization impacts and maintaining regulatory ecosystem services [an abstract of entire text]. 北海道大学. 博士(環境科学)
吉野, 有助 (2021) 心理的エンパワーメントに関する実証研究 [全文の要約]. 北海道大学. 博士(経営学)
Kusumoto, Mizuki... [et al.] (2021) Evaluation of the screening capacity of commerciallyavailable MRSA-selective media for methicillinresistant Staphylococcus pseudintermedius : a pilot study. Japanese Journal of Veterinary Research, 69(2): 145-150
This study was conducted to evaluate the screening capacity of nine methicillin-resistant Staphyloco....
Kurumisawa, Tomomi... [et al.] (2021) Verification of a simplified disk diffusion method for antimicrobial susceptibility testing of bovine mastitis isolates. Japanese Journal of Veterinary Research, 69(2): 135-143
Bovine mastitis is mainly treated with antimicrobials. Determination of antimicrobial treatments bas....


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