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Dr. Nagai Tomoya: "Immunocytochemical assessment of cell differentiation of podoplanin-positive osteoblasts into osteocytes in murine bone"
This doctoral dissertation was originally withheld from publication, but it had been available on HUSCAP from March 2020 due to a mistake by Hokkaido University.
We have now withdrawn it from this site.
We sincerely apologize to everyone involved.

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Miyazono, Kengo... [et al.] (2020) Social epistemological conception of delusion. Synthese
The dominant conception of delusion in psychiatry (in textbooks, research papers, diagnostic manuals....
Delgado, David E.... [et al.] (2020) High-Fidelity Hydrogel Thin Films Processed from Deep Eutectic Solvents. ACS applied materials & interfaces, 12(38): 43191-43200
Polyampholyte (PA) hydrogels are a fascinating class of soft materials that can exhibit high toughne....
Vothy, Hornn (2020) Development of Agglomeration-Flotation for Finely Ground Copper Sulfides. 北海道大学. 博士(工学)
Porphyry copper deposits (PCDs) are the main sources of copper (Cu), accounting for more than 60% of....
Takinami, Hiroto... [et al.] (2021) Young citizen sensors for managing large carnivores: Lessons from 40 years of monitoring a brown bear population. Conservation Science and Practice, 3(9): e484
Large carnivores encounter various threats from human activities. Population trend detection among c....
Lutfian, Rusdi Daryono (2020) Beachrock formation mechanism and its application to developing beach sand cementation method based on microbial induced carbonate precipitation (MICP) : Case study of Krakal-Sadranan, Yogyakarta, Indonesia. 北海道大学. 博士(工学)
永地, 大志 (2020) 微小重力下おける電線被覆上燃え拡がり火炎の消炎限界に及ぼす周囲環境条件の影響. 北海道大学. 博士(工学)
張, 聖華 (2020) Development of γ/α Transformable FeCrAl Oxide Dispersion Strengthened Alloys by Cobalt and Nickel Addition. 北海道大学. 博士(工学)
王, 禹淳 (2020) Studies on Plasmon-Driven Efficient Multi-Electron Transfer Reactions at Electrified Interfaces. 北海道大学. 博士(理学)
MD, ASADUZZAMAN (2020) Studies on the color improvement technique & mechanism with high ZnPP-forming bacteria in dry-cured meat products. 北海道大学. 博士(農学)
(2021) 表紙(目次)、裏表紙(英文目次). 教育福祉研究, 25


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