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Kato, Masaru... [et al.] (2022) Effects of Interfacial Interactions on Electrocatalytic Activity of Cytochrome c Oxidase in Biomimetic Lipid Membranes on Gold Electrodes. The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters, 13(39): 9165-9170
Effects of interfacial interactions on the electrocatalytic activity of protein-tethered bilayer lip....
Mwale, Carol (2023) Chondrotoxicity of local anesthetics : in vitro effects of local anesthetics on cell viability and apoptosis in cultured canine articular chondrocytes. 北海道大学. 博士(獣医学)
王, 延璘 (2023) Structure-related effects of pentosan polysulfate sodium : modulation on phenotypic change and chondrogenic properties in canine chondrocyte in-vitro cultures. 北海道大学. 博士(獣医学)
  Hyaline cartilage is a specialized connective tissue on the joint surface that supports normal joi....
Rudeeaneksin, Janisara (2023) Molecular characteristics of drug-resistant Mycobacterium tuberculosis in Thailand [an abstract of dissertation and a summary of dissertation review]. 北海道大学. 博士(感染症学)
山田, 貴啓 (2023) 動体追跡陽子線治療における照射ログファイルを用いた実績線量評価に関する研究. 北海道大学. 博士(医理工学)
DAMDINSUREN, Gantumur (2023) Production cross sections of medical radioisotopes 52gMn and 198gAu via charged-particle-induced reactions. 北海道大学. 博士(医理工学)
鈴木, 佳代 (2023) 非感染性ぶどう膜炎に対する新規治療標的の検討. 北海道大学. 博士(医学)
近藤, 享史 (2023) 肝芽腫におけるDNA メチル化解析に基づく新規リスク層別化モデルの検討. 北海道大学. 博士(医学)
小池, 良直 (2023) 脊柱後縦靱帯骨化症の遺伝学的研究. 北海道大学. 博士(医学)
Watanabe, Miho... [et al.] (2022) Desulfoluna limicola sp. nov., a sulfate-reducing bacterium isolated from sediment of a brackish lake. Archives of Microbiology, 204(10): 640
A novel sulfate-reducing bacterium, strain ASN36(T), was isolated from sediment of a brackish lake i....


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