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articleOtsuka, Kai; Yang, Hong; Matsubara, Shin; Shiraishi, Akira; Kurihara, Misuzu; Satake, Honoo; Kimura, Atsushi P.Evidence for a functional role of Start, a long noncoding RNA, in mouse spermatocytes-PLoS ONE-25-Aug-2022
articleKabir, Arif Md Rashedul; Munmun, Tasrina; Hayashi, Tomohiko; Yasuda, Satoshi; Kimura, Atsushi P.; Kinoshita, Masahiro; Murata, Takeshi; Sada, Kazuki; Kakugo, AkiraControlling the Rigidity of Kinesin-Propelled Microtubules in an In Vitro Gliding Assay Using the Deep-Sea Osmolyte Trimethylamine N-Oxide-ACS Omega-1-Feb-2022
articleOtsuka, Kai; Matsubara, Shin; Shiraishi, Akira; Takei, Natsumi; Satoh, Yui; Terao, Miho; Takada, Shuji; Kotani, Tomoya; Satake, Honoo; Kimura, Atsushi P.A Testis-Specific Long Noncoding RNA, Start, Is a Regulator of Steroidogenesis in Mouse Leydig Cells-Frontiers in Endocrinology-1-Apr-2021
article (author version)Bandara, Thusitha A. M. K.; Otsuka, Kai; Matsubara, Shin; Shiraishi, Akira; Satake, Honoo; Kimura, Atsushi P.A dual enhancer-silencer element, DES-K16, in mouse spermatocyte-derived GC-2spd(ts) cells-Biochemical and biophysical research communications-1-Jan-2021
article (author version)Maruyama, Yuki; Kimura, Atsushi P.A molecular mechanism of mouse placental spongiotrophoblast differentiation regulated by prolyl oligopeptidase-Zygote-Feb-2019
articleTakei, Natsumi; Nakamura, Takuma; Kawamura, Shohei; Takada, Yuki; Satoh, Yui; Kimura, Atsushi P.; Kotani, TomoyaHigh-Sensitivity and High-Resolution In Situ Hybridization of Coding and Long Non-coding RNAs in Vertebrate Ovaries and Testes-Biological procedures online-1-Mar-2018
article (author version)Kimura, Atsushi P.; Yoneda, Ryoma; Kurihara, Misuzu; Mayama, Shota; Matsubara, ShinA Long Noncoding RNA, lncRNA-Amhr2, Plays a Role in Amhr2 Gene Activation in Mouse Ovarian Granulosa Cells-Endocrinology-14-Nov-2017
articleKurihara, Misuzu; Otsuka, Kai; Matsubara, Shin; Shiraishi, Akira; Satake, Honoo; Kimura, Atsushi P.A Testis-Specific Long Non-Coding RNA, lncRNA-Tcam1, Regulates Immune-Related Genes in Mouse Male Germ Cells-Frontiers in Endocrinology-2-Nov-2017
article (author version)Maruyama, Yuki; Matsubara, Shin; Kimura, Atsushi P.Mouse prolyl oligopeptidase plays a role in trophoblast stem cell differentiation into trophoblast giant cell and spongiotrophoblast-Placenta-May-2017
article (author version)Yoneda, Ryoma; Satoh, Yui; Yoshida, Ikuya; Kawamura, Shohei; Kotani, Tomoya; Kimura, Atsushi P.A Genomic Region Transcribed Into a Long Noncoding RNA Interacts With the Prss42/Tessp-2 Promoter in Spermatocytes During Mouse Spermatogenesis, and Its Flanking Sequences Can Function as Enhancers-Molecular reproduction and development-Jun-2016
article (author version)Kurihara, Misuzu; Kimura, Atsushi P.Characterization of the human TCAM1P pseudogene and its activation by a potential dual promoter-enhancer: Comparison with a protein-coding mouse orthologue-FEBS Letters-13-Feb-2015
article (author version)Kurihara, Misuzu; Shiraishi, Akira; Satake, Honoo; Kimura, Atsushi P.A Conserved Noncoding Sequence Can Function as a Spermatocyte-Specific Enhancer and a Bidirectional Promoter for a Ubiquitously Expressed Gene and a Testis-Specific Long Noncoding RNA-Journal of Molecular Biology-26-Aug-2014
article (author version)Matsubara, Shin; Kurihara, Misuzu; Kimura, Atsushi P.A long non-coding RNA transcribed from conserved non-coding sequences contributes to the mouse prolyl oligopeptidase gene activation-Journal of Biochemistry-Apr-2014
article (author version)Yoneda, Ryoma; Kimura, Atsushi P.A testis-specific serine protease, Prss41/Tessp-1, is necessary for the progression of meiosis during murine in vitro spermatogenesis-Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications-8-Nov-2013
article (author version)Matsubara, Shin; Maruyama, Yuki; Kimura, Atsushi P.A 914-bp promoter is sufficient to reproduce the endogenous prolyl oligopeptidase gene localization in the mouse placenta if not subject to position effect-Gene-25-Jul-2013
article (author version)Yoneda, Ryoma; Takahashi, Takayuki; Matsui, Hitoshi; Takano, Naoharu; Hasebe, Yuko; Ogiwara, Katsueki; Kimura, Atsushi P.Three Testis-Specific Paralogous Serine Proteases Play Different Roles in Murine Spermatogenesis and Are Involved in Germ Cell Survival During Meiosis-Biology of Reproduction-May-2013
article (author version)Matsubara, Shin; Takahashi, Takayuki; Kimura, Atsushi PLocalization and subcellular distribution of prolyl oligopeptidase in the mouse placenta.-Journal of molecular histology-Jun-2011
article (author version)Matsubara, Shin; Takahashi, Takayuki; Kimura, Atsushi P.Epigenetic patterns at the mouse prolyl oligopeptidase gene locus suggest the CpG island in the gene body to be a novel regulator for gene expression-GENE-1-Oct-2010
article (author version)Kato, Yumiko; Ogiwara, Katsueki; Fujimori, Chika; Kimura, Atsushi; Takahashi, TakayukiExpression and localization of collagen type IV α1 chain in medaka ovary-Cell and Tissue Research-Jun-2010
article (author version)Rajapakse, Sanath; Ogiwara, Katsueki; Yamano, Noriko; Kimura, Atsushi; Hirata, Kensaku; Takahashi, Sumio; Takahashi, TakayukiCharacterization of mouse tissue kallikrein 5-ZOOLOGICAL SCIENCE-Nov-2006
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