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articleKaiju, Hideo; Kasa, Haruya; Komine, Takashi; Mori, Sumito; Misawa, Takahiro; Abe, Taro; Nishii, JunjiCo thickness dependence of structural and magnetic properties in spin quantum cross devices utilizing stray magnetic fields-Journal of applied physics-8-May-2015
article (author version)Zagarzusem, Khurelbaatar; Fujioka, Masaya; Shibuya, Taizo; Demura, Satoshi; Adachi, Shintaro; Takano, Yoshihiko; Jeem, Melbert; Ono, Madoka; Kaiju, Hideo; Nishii, JunjiDiscovery of Ag(x)TaS(2)superconductor with stage-3 structure-2D materials-Jan-2021
articleKaiju, Hideo; Kondo, Kenji; Basheer, Nubla; Kawaguchi, Nobuyoshi; White, Susanne; Hirata, Akihiko; Ishimaru, Manabu; Hirotsu, Yoshihiko; Ishibashi, AkiraFabrication and Current-Voltage Characteristics of Ni Spin Quantum Cross Devices with P3HT:PCBM Organic Materials-MRS Proceedings-2010
articleKaiju, Hideo; Kondo, Kenji; Ono, Akito; Kawaguchi, Nobuyoshi; Won, Jonghan; Hirata, Akihiko; Ishimaru, Manabu; Hirotsu, Yoshihiko; Ishibashi, AkiraThe fabrication of Ni quantum cross devices with a 17 nm junction and their current-voltage characteristics-Nanotechnology-8-Jan-2010
articleKaiju, Hideo; Nagahama, Taro; Sasaki, Shun; Shimada, Toshihiro; Kitakami, Osamu; Misawa, Takahiro; Fujioka, Masaya; Nishii, Junji; Xiao, GangInverse Tunnel Magnetocapacitance in Fe/Al-oxide/Fe3O4-Scientific reports-1-Jun-2017
articleKaiju, Hideo; Takei, Masashi; Misawa, Takahiro; Nagahama, Taro; Nishii, Junji; Xiao, GangLarge magnetocapacitance effect in magnetic tunnel junctions based on Debye-Frohlich model-Applied physics letters-28-Sep-2015
articleKondo, Kenji; Kaiju, Hideo; Ishibashi, AkiraLarge thermoelectric voltage in point contacts of Ni ferromagnetic metals-MRS Proceedings-8-Mar-2011
articleKaiju, Hideo; Yoshida, Yutaka; Watanabe, Seiichi; Kondo, Kenji; Ishibashi, Akira; Yoshimi, KyosukeMagnetic properties on the surface of FeAl stripes induced by nanosecond pulsed laser irradiation-Journal of applied physics-7-May-2014
articleFujiwara, Hideki; Kaiju, Hideo; Nishii, Junji; Sasaki, KeijiMagnetic response of random lasing modes in a ZnO nanoparticle film deposited on a NiFe thin film-Applied Physics Letters-24-Sep-2018
articleKaiju, Hideo; Misawa, Takahiro; Nagahama, Taro; Komine, Takashi; Kitakami, Osamu; Fujioka, Masaya; Nishii, Junji; Xiao, GangRobustness of Voltage-induced Magnetocapacitance-Scientific reports-2-Oct-2018
article (author version)Misawa, Takahiro; Mori, Sumito; Komine, Takashi; Fujioka, Masaya; Nishii, Junji; Kaiju, HideoStructural and magnetic properties of Ni78Fe22 thin films sandwiched between low-softening-point glasses and application in spin devices-Applied surface science-30-Dec-2016
articleFujioka, Masaya; Kubo, Naoki; Nagao, Masanori; Msiska, Robin; Shirakawa, Naoki; Demura, Satoshi; Sakata, Hideaki; Kaiju, Hideo; Nishii, JunjiSuperconductivity in AgxTaS2 single crystals with stage structure obtained via proton-driven ion introduction-Journal of the Ceramic Society of Japan-Dec-2018
articleKaiju, Hideo; Abe, Taro; Kondo, Kenji; Ishibashi, AkiraSurface morphologies and magnetic properties of Fe and Co magnetic thin films on polyethylene naphthalate organic substrates-Journal of Applied Physics-1-Apr-2012
articleKaiju, Hideo; Basheer, Nubla; Kondo, Kenji; Ishibashi, AkiraSurface Roughness and Magnetic Properties of Ni and Ni78Fe22 Thin Films on Polyethylene Naphthalate Organic Substrates-IEEE Transactions on Magnetics-Jun-2010
articleKondo, Kenji; Kaiju, Hideo; Ishibashi, AkiraTheoretical and experimental results of electronic transport of spin quantum cross structure devices-Journal of applied physics-1-Apr-2009
articleKondo, Kenji; Kaiju, Hideo; Ishibashi, AkiraTheoretical investigation of new quantum-cross-structure device as a candidate beyond CMOS-MRS Proceedings-11-Jun-2008
articleKondo, Kenji; Kaiju, Hideo; Ishibashi, AkiraA theoretical study and realization of new spin quantum cross structure devices using organic materials-MRS Proceedings-10-May-2010
articleYoshida, Yutaka; Watanabe, Seiichi; Kaiju, Hideo; Nishii, Junji; Yoshimi, KyosukeWavelength-dependent magnetic transitions of self-organized iron-aluminum stripes induced by pulsed laser irradiation-Journal of Applied Physics-28-Jan-2015
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