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article (author version)Togi, Sumihito; Hatano, Yosuke; Muromoto, Ryuta; Kawanishi, Eri; Ikeda, Osamu; Hirashima, Koki; Kon, Shigeyuki; Kitai, Yuichi; Yasui, Teruhito; Oritani, Kenji; Matsuda, TadashiCaspase-dependent cleavage regulates protein levels of Epstein-Barr virus-derived latent membrane protein 1-FEBS Letters-Mar-2016
article (author version)Kubo, Kaori; Iwakami, Masashi; Muromoto, Ryuta; Inagaki, Takuya; Kitai, Yuichi; Kon, Shigeyuki; Sekine, Yuichi; Oritani, Kenji; Matsuda, TadashiCCR7 is involved in BCR-ABL/STAP-2-mediated cell growth in hematopoietic Ba/F3 cells-Biochemical and biophysical research communications-7-Aug-2015
article (author version)Kitai, Yuichi; Ishiura, Marie; Saitoh, Kodai; Matsumoto, Naoki; Owashi, Kimiya; Yamada, Shunsuke; Muromoto, Ryuta; Kashiwakura, Jun-ichi; Oritani, Kenji; Matsuda, TadashiCD47 promotes T-cell lymphoma metastasis by up-regulating AKAP13-mediated RhoA activation-International immunology-6-Jan-2021
article (author version)Ohgakiuchi, Yui; Saino, Yuka; Muromoto, Ryuta; Komori, Yuki; Sato, Ami; Hirashima, Koki; Kitai, Yuichi; Kashiwakura, Jun-ichi; Oritani, Kenji; Matsuda, TadashiDimethyl fumarate dampens IL-17-ACT1-TBK1 axis-mediated phosphorylation of Regnase-1 and suppresses IL-17–induced IκB-ζ expression-Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications-22-Jan-2020
article (author version)Muromoto, Ryuta; Kuroda, Makoto; Togi, Sumihito; Sekine, Yuichi; Nanbo, Asuka; Shimoda, Kazuya; Oritani, Kenji; Matsuda, TadashiFunctional involvement of Daxx in gp130-mediated cell growth and survival in BaF3 cells-European Journal of Immunology-Dec-2010
article (author version)Ikeda, Osamu; Mizushima, Akihiro; Sekine, Yuichi; Yamamoto, Chikako; Muromoto, Ryuta; Nanbo, Asuka; Oritani, Kenji; Yoshimura, Akihiko; Matsuda, TadashiInvolvement of STAP-2 in Brk-mediated phosphorylation and activation of STAT5 in breast cancer cells.-Cancer Science-Apr-2011
articleMuromoto, Ryuta; Tawa, Keisuke; Ohgakiuchi, Yui; Sato, Ami; Saino, Yuka; Hirashima, Koki; Minoguchi, Hiroya; Kitai, Yuichi; Kashiwakura, Jun-ichi; Shimoda, Kazuya; Oritani, Kenji; Matsuda, TadashiIκB-ζ Expression Requires Both TYK2/STAT3 Activity and IL-17–Regulated mRNA Stabilization-ImmunoHorizons-16-May-2019
article (author version)Muromoto, Ryuta; Nakajima, Maiko; Hirashima, Koki; Hirao, Toru; Kon, Shigeyuki; Shimoda, Kazuya; Oritani, Kenji; Matsuda, TadashiJun Activation Domain-binding Protein 1 (JAB1) Is Required for the Optimal Response to Interferons-Journal of biological chemistry-25-Oct-2013
article (author version)Togi, Sumihito; Nakasuji, Misa; Muromoto, Ryuta; Ikeda, Osamu; Okabe, Kanako; Kitai, Yuichi; Kon, Shigeyuki; Oritani, Kenji; Matsuda, TadashiKaposi's sarcoma-associated herpesvirus-encoded LANA associates with glucocorticoid receptor and enhances its transcriptional activities-Biochemical and biophysical research communications-31-Jul-2015
articleTogi, Sumihito; Muromoto, Ryuta; Hirashima, Koki; Kitai, Yuichi; Okayama, Taichiro; Ikeda, Osamu; Matsumoto, Naoki; Kon, Shigeyuki; Sekine, Yuichi; Oritani, Kenji; Matsuda, TadashiA New STAT3-binding Partner, ARL3, Enhances the Phosphorylation and Nuclear Accumulation of STAT3-Journal of Biological Chemistry (JBC)-20-May-2016
articleSasaki, Yuto; Saitoh, Kodai; Kagohashi, Kota; Kitai, Yuichi; Muromoto, Ryuta; Oritani, Kenji; Kashiwakura, Jun-Ichi; Matsuda, TadashiPivotal Role of Signal-Transducing Adaptor Protein-2 in Pathogenesis of Autoimmune Hepatitis-Biological & pharmaceutical bulletin-1-Dec-2021
article (author version)Kato, Masaya; Muromoto, Ryuta; Togi, Sumihito; Iwakami, Masashi; Kitai, Yuichi; Kon, Shigeyuki; Oritani, Kenji; Matsuda, TadashiPML suppresses IL-6-induced STAT3 activation by interfering with STAT3 and HDAC3 interaction-Biochemical and biophysical research communications-29-May-2015
article (author version)Ishiura, Marie; Kitai, Yuichi; Kashiwakura, Jun-ichi; Muromoto, Ryuta; Toda, Jun; Ichii, Michiko; Oritani, Kenji; Matsuda, TadashiPositive interactions between STAP-1 and BCR-ABL influence chronic myeloid leukemia cell proliferation and survival-Biochemical and biophysical research communications-4-Jun-2021
article (author version)Ishizaki, Masayuki; Muromoto, Ryuta; Akimoto, Toshihiko; Ohshiro, Yuya; Takahashi, Miki; Sekine, Yuichi; Maeda, Hiroaki; Shimoda, Kazuya; Oritani, Kenji; Matsuda, TadashiTyk2 deficiency protects joints against destruction in anti-type II collagen antibody-induced arthritis in mice-International Immunology-Jul-2011
article (author version)Ishizaki, Masayuki; Muromoto, Ryuta; Akimoto, Toshihiko; Sekine, Yuichi; Kon, Shigeyuki; Diwan, Manish; Maeda, Hiroaki; Togi, Sumihito; Shimoda, Kazuya; Oritani, Kenji; Matsuda, TadashiTyk2 is a therapeutic target for psoriasis-like skin inflammation-International Immunology-17-Dec-2013
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