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bulletin (article)永山, 昌史; 佐々, 祐之; 内山, 隆; 山中, 謙司; 鈴木, 敏恵教職志向を高めた対話的Project-Based Learning : 教師を目指すビジョンと未来への学びデザインConversational Project-Based Learning for Increasing the Motivation to Become a Teacher: Vision of the Kind of Teacher One Aspires to Be and Learning Design for Realizing It高等教育ジャーナル : 高等教育と生涯学習Journal of higher education and lifelong learningApr-2024
article (author version)Uchida, Tsutomu; Nagayama, Masafumi; Yamazaki, Kenji; Gohara, Kazutoshi; Sum, Amadeu K.Raman spectra measurements on DEPC liposome and cell membrane of living neuron under xenon pressure-Canadian journal of chemistry-Aug-2015
articleDanworaphong, Sorasak; Tomoda, Motonobu; Matsumoto, Yuki; Matsuda, Osamu; Ohashi, Toshiro; Watanabe, Hiromu; Nagayama, Masafumi; Gohara, Kazutoshi; Otsuka, Paul H.; Wright, Oliver B.Three-dimensional imaging of biological cells with picosecond ultrasonics-Applied physics letters-21-Apr-2015
bulletin (article)奥平, 俊樹; 永山, 昌史; 郷原, 一寿; 内田, 努ラット心筋細胞の常温保存研究 : ガス印加の影響Effect of gas adding on the preservation of dissociated neonatal rat cardiomyocytes at room temperatures低温科学Low Temperature Science31-Mar-2013
article内田, 努; 宮村, 謙一郎; 永山, 昌史; 郷原, 一寿Dimethyl sulfoxideによる分散ラット心筋細胞の凍結保護機構の実験的検討Experimental Investigations of Cryopreservation Mechanisms on Dispersed Rat Cardiac Myocytes with Dimethyl Sulfoxide低温生物工学会誌Cryobiology and cryotechnology15-Apr-2012
article宮村, 謙一郎; 永山, 昌史; 郷原, 一寿; 平, 敏夫; 清水, 恭子; 酒井, 雅人; 内田, 努ラット心筋細胞の凍結保存におけるジメチルスルホキシドの有効性評価Evaluation of Viability of Cryopreserved Rat Cardiac Myocytes and Effects of Dimethyl Sulfoxide Concentration on Cryopreservation低温生物工学会誌Cryobiology and Cryotechnology15-Oct-2010
article (author version)Nagayama, Masafumi; Shimizu, Kyoko; Taira, Toshio; Uchida, Tsutomu; Gohara, KazutoshiShrinking and development of lipid droplets in adipocytes during catecholamine-induced lipolysis-FEBS Letters-4-Jan-2010
article (author version)Uchida, Tsutomu; Nagayama, Masafumi; Gohara, KazutoshiTrehalose solution viscosity at low temperatures measured by dynamic light scattering method : Trehalose depresses molecular transportation for ice crystal growth-Journal of Crystal Growth-1-Dec-2009
article (author version)内田, 努; 本村, 寿太郎; 永山, 昌史; 郷原, 一寿初代ラット大脳皮質由来神経細胞の凍結保存条件に及ぼす凍結速度依存性Effects of Cooling Rate on Cryopreservation Conditions of Primary Rat Cortical Cells低温生物工学会誌Cryobiology and Cryotechnology30-Dec-2007
article (author version)Uchida, Tsutomu; Nagayama, Masafumi; Shibayama, Tamaki; Gohara, KazutoshiMorphological investigations of disaccharide molecules for growth inhibition of ice crystals-Journal of Crystal Growth-1-Feb-2007
article (author version)Nagayama, Masafumi; Uchida, Tsutomu; Gohara, KazutoshiTemporal and spatial variations of lipid droplets during adipocyte division and differentiation-The Journal of Lipid Research-Jan-2007
article (author version)永山, 昌史; 内田, 努; 平, 敏夫; 清水, 恭子; 郷原, 一寿脂肪細胞への分化過程における細胞及び脂肪滴の挙動 : タイムラプス観察による一細胞レベルでの解明-肥満研究-2007
article (author version)Nagayama, Masafumi; Haga, Hisashi; Takahashi, Masayuki; Saitoh, Takayuki; Kawabata, KazushigeContribution of cellular contractility to spatial and temporal variations in cellular stiffness-Experimental Cell Research-1-Nov-2004
article (author version)永山, 昌史; 芳賀, 永; 田中, 芳雄; 平井, 義彦; 川端, 和重細胞のマイクロ粘弾性解析Micro-viscoelasticity evaluation of living cell電子顕微鏡-31-Jul-2003
article (author version)Nagayama, Masafumi; Haga, Hisashi; Tanaka, Yoshio; Hirai, Yoshihiko; Kabuto, Masaaki; Kawabata, KazushigeImprovement of Force Modulation Mode with Scanning Probe Microscopy for Imaging Viscoelasticity of Living Cells-Japanese Journal of Applied Physics. Pt. 1, Regular papers, short notes & review papers-Jul-2002
article (author version)Nagayama, Masafumi; Haga, Hisashi; Kawabata, KazushigeDrastic change of local stiffness distribution correlating to cell migration in living fibroblasts.-Cell Motility and the Cytoskeleton-Dec-2001
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