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TypeAuthor(s)TitleOther TitlesCitationCitation(alt)Issue Date
articleKurihara, Hideyuki; Goto, Yurie; Aida, Masahiko; Hosokawa, Masashi; Takahashi, KoretaroAntibacterial Activity against Cariogenic Bacteria and Inhibition of Insoluble Glucan Production by Free Fatty Acids Obtained from Dried Gloiopeltis furcata-Fisheries Science-1999
articleHosokawa, Masashi; Wanezaki, Satoshi; Miyauchi, Kozue; Kurihara, Hideyuki; Kohno, Hiroyuki; Kawabata, Jun; Odashima, Shizuo; Takahashi, KoretaroApoptosis-Inducing Effect of Fucoxanthin on Human Leukemia Cell Line HL-60-Food Science and Technology Research-1999
articleHossain, Zakir; Kurihara, Hideyuki; Takahashi, KoretaroBiochemical Composition and Lipid Compositional Properties of the Brown Alga Sargassum horneri-Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences-2003
articleHossain, Zakir; Kurihara, Hideyuki; Hosokawa, Masashi; Takahashi, KoretaroButyrate-Induced Growth Inhibition and Differentiation in Caco-2 Cells with Hybrid Liposomes-Journal of Oleo Science-2005
article (author version)Shah, A. K. M. Azad; Tokunaga, Chikara; Kurihara, Hideyuki; Takahashi, Koretaro; Ogasawara, MasashiChanges in Chemical and Sensory Properties of Migaki-Nishin (Dried Herring Fillet) during Drying-Journal of Food Science-6-Aug-2009
article (author version)Shah, A. K. M. Azad; Tokunaga, C.; Ogasawara, M.; Kurihara, H.; Takahashi, KoretaroChanges in Chemical and Sensory Properties of Migaki-Nishin (Dried Herring Fillet) during Drying-Journal of Food Science-Sep-2009
article (author version)Shah, A. K. M. Azad; Tokunaga, Chikara; Kurihara, Hideyuki; Takahashi, KoretaroChanges in lipids and their contribution to the taste of migaki-nishin (dried herring fillet) during drying-Food Chemistry-1-Aug-2009
article (author version)Shen, Xuan Ri; Kurihara, Hideyuki; Takahashi, KoretaroCharacterization of molecular species of collagen in scallop mantle-Food Chemistry-2007
article (author version)Hossain, Z.; Kurihara, H.; Hosokawa, M.; Takahashi, K.Docosahexaenoic acid and eicosapentaenoic acid-enriched phosphatidylcholine liposomes enhance the permeability, transportation and uptake of phospholipids in Caco-2 cells-Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry-Apr-2006
articleTochisawa, Kaoru; Hosokawa, Masashi; Kurihara, Hideyuki; Kohno, Hiroyuki; Odashima, Shizuo; Takahashi, KoretaroEffect of Phospholipids Containing Docosahexaenoic Acid on Differentiation and Growth of HL-60 Human Promyelocytic Leukemia CellsHL-60ヒト前骨髄性白血病細胞の分化と増殖に及ぼすドコサヘキサエン酸結合型リン脂質の影響日本油化学会誌Journal of Japan Oil Chemists' Society20-Apr-1997
article (author version)Kurihara, Hideyuki; Konno, Remi; Takahashi, KoretaroFucophlorethol C, a phlorotannin as a lipoxygenase inhibitor-Bioscience biotechnology and biochemistry-3-Dec-2015
articleShah, A.K.M. Azad; Kinoshita, Mikio; Kurihara, Hideyuki; Ohnishi, Masao; Takahashi, KoretaroGlycosylseramides obtained from the starfish Asterias amurensis Lütken-Journal of Oleo Science-2008
article (author version)Shah, A.K.M. Azad; Ogasawara, Masashi; Egi, Makoto; Kurihara, Hideyuki; Takahashi, KoretaroIdentification and sensory evaluation of flavour enhancers in Japanese traditional dried herring (Clupea pallasii) fillet-Food Chemistry-Sep-2010
article (author version)Mikami, Daisuke; Kurihara, Hideyuki; Ono, Momoka; Kim, Sang Moo; Takahashi, KoretaroInhibition of algal bromophenols and their related phenols against glucose 6-phosphate dehydrogenase-Fitoterapia-Jan-2016
bulletin (article)SEKIKAWA, Chisato; KURIHARA, Hideyuki; GOTO, Keiichiro; TAKAHASHI, KoretaroInhibition of β-Glucuronidase by Extracts of Chondria crassicaulis-北海道大学水産科学研究彙報BULLETIN OF FISHERIES SCIENCES, HOKKAIDO UNIVERSITYMar-2002
articleTohda, Hiroyuki; Kurihara, Hideyuki; Hosokawa, Masashi; Takahashi, KoretaroInhibition of β-Glucuronidase by Purine Nucleotides-Fisheries Science-1999
articleKurihara, Hideyuki; Mitani, Takeshi; Kawabata, Jun; Takahashi, KoretaroInhibitory Potencies of Bromophenols from Rhodomelaceae algae against α-Glucosidase Activity-Fisheries Science-1999
article (author version)Zhang, Duo; Kurihara, HideyukiIsogloiosiphone B, a novel acetal, and hydrophobic compounds as β-glucuronidase inhibitors derived from the red alga Neodilsea yendoana-Bioscience biotechnology and biochemistry-6-Dec-2017
article (author version)Kurihara, Hideyuki; Kagawa, Yoshio; Konno, Remi; Kim, Sang Moo; Takahashi, KoretaroLipoxygenase inhibitors derived from marine macroalgae-Bioorganic & medicinal chemistry letters-1-Mar-2014
article (author version)Shah, A.K.M. Azad; Ishihara, Tomoe; Ogasawara, Masashi; Kurihara, Hideyuki; Baba, Naomichi; Takahashi, KoretaroMechanism involved in the formation of characteristic taste and flavor during the production of dried herring (Clupea pallasii) fillet-Food Science and Technology Research-2010
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