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articleToyoshima, Kuniyoshi; Inoue, Takeshi; Masuya, Jiro; Fujimura, Yota; Higashi, Shinji; Tanabe, Hajime; Kusumi, IchiroStructural equation modeling approach to explore the influence of childhood maltreatment in adults-PLoS ONE-1-Oct-2020
articleToyoshima, Kuniyoshi; Inoue, Takeshi; Masuya, Jiro; Fujimura, Yota; Higashi, Shinji; Kusumi, IchiroDoes Subjective Cognitive Function Mediate the Effect of Affective Temperaments on Functional Disability in Japanese Adults?-Neuropsychiatric Disease and Treatment-8-Jul-2020
articleToyoshima, Kuniyoshi; Inoue, Takeshi; Shimura, Akiyoshi; Masuya, Jiro; Ichiki, Masahiko; Fujimura, Yota; Kusumi, IchiroAssociations between the depressive symptoms, subjective cognitive function, and presenteeism of Japanese adult workers : a cross-sectional survey study-BioPsychoSocial Medicine-4-May-2020
articleWakatsuki, Yumi; Inoue, Takeshi; Hashimoto, Naoki; Fujimura, Yota; Masuya, Jiro; Ichiki, Masahiko; Tanabe, Hajime; Kusumi, IchiroInfluence of Childhood Maltreatment, Adulthood Stressful Life Events, and Affective Temperaments on Premenstrual Mental Symptoms of Nonclinical Adult Volunteers-Neuropsychiatric Disease and Treatment-6-Jan-2020
articleToyoshima, Kuniyoshi; Inoue, Takeshi; Masuya, Jiro; Ichiki, Masahiko; Fujimura, Yota; Kusumi, IchiroEvaluation Of Subjective Cognitive Function Using The Cognitive Complaints In Bipolar Disorder Rating Assessment (COBRA) In Japanese Adults-Neuropsychiatric Disease and Treatment-26-Nov-2019
article (author version)Toyoshima, Kuniyoshi; Kako, Yuki; Toyomaki, Atsuhito; Shimizu, Yusuke; Tanaka, Teruaki; Nakagawa, Shin; Inoue, Takeshi; Martinez-Aran, Anabel; Vieta, Eduard; Kusumi, IchiroAssociations between cognitive impairment and quality of life in euthymic bipolar patients-Psychiatry research-Jan-2019
articleMitsui, Nobuyuki; Nakai, Yukiei; Inoue, Takeshi; Udo, Niki; Kitagawa, Kan; Wakatsuki, Yumi; Kameyama, Rie; Toyomaki, Atsuhito; Ito, Yoichi M.; Kitaichi, Yuji; Nakagawa, Shin; Kusumi, IchiroAssociation between suicide-related ideations and affective temperaments in the Japanese general adult population-PLoS ONE-22-Jun-2017
article (author version)An, Yan; Chen, Chong; Inoue, Takeshi; Nakagawa, Shin; Kitaichi, Yuji; Wang, Ce; Izumi, Takeshi; Kusumi, IchiroMirtazapine exerts an anxiolytic-like effect through activation of the median raphe nucleus-dorsal hippocampal 5-HT pathway in contextual fear conditioning in rats-Progress in neuro-psychopharmacology & biological psychiatry-3-Oct-2016
article (author version)An, Yan; Inoue, Takeshi; Kitaichi, Yuji; Chen, Chong; Nakagawa, Shin; Wang, Ce; Kusumi, IchiroCombined treatment with subchronic lithium and acute intracerebral mirtazapine microinjection into the median raphe nucleus exerted an anxiolytic-like effect synergistically-European journal of pharmacology-15-Jul-2016
article (author version)Chen, Chong; Nakagawa, Shin; Kitaichi, Yuji; An, Yan; Omiya, Yuki; Song, Ning; Koga, Minori; Kato, Akiko; Inoue, Takeshi; Kusumi, IchiroThe role of medial prefrontal corticosterone and dopamine in the antidepressant-like effect of exercise-Psychoneuroendocrinology-Jul-2016
article (author version)Boku, Shuken; Toda, Hiroyuki; Nakagawa, Shin; Kato, Akiko; Inoue, Takeshi; Koyama, Tsukasa; Hiroi, Noboru; Kusumi, IchiroNeonatal Maternal Separation Alters the Capacity of Adult Neural Precursor Cells to Differentiate into Neurons Via Methylation of Retinoic Acid Receptor Gene Promoter-Biological psychiatry-15-Feb-2015
article (author version)Inoue, Takeshi; Kohno, Kentaro; Baba, Hajime; Takeshima, Minoru; Honma, Hiroshi; Nakai, Yukiei; Suzuki, Toshihito; Hatano, Koji; Arai, Heii; Matsubara, Shigehiro; Kusumi, Ichiro; Terao, TakeshiDoes temperature or sunshine mediate the effect of latitude on affective temperaments? A study of 5 regions in Japan-Journal of affective disorders-1-Feb-2015
article (author version)An, Yan; Inoue, Takeshi; Kitaichi, Yuji; Nakagawa, Shin; Wang, Ce; Chen, Chong; Song, Ning; Kusumi, IchiroSubchronic lithium treatment increases the anxiolytic-like effect of mirtazapine on the expression of contextual conditioned fear-European journal of pharmacology-15-Jan-2015
articleToda, Hiroyuki; Boku, Shuken; Nakagawa, Shin; Inoue, Takeshi; Kato, Akiko; Takamura, Naoki; Song, Ning; Nibuya, Masashi; Koyama, Tsukasa; Kusumi, IchiroMaternal Separation Enhances Conditioned Fear and Decreases the mRNA Levels of the Neurotensin Receptor 1 Gene with Hypermethylation of This Gene in the Rat Amygdala-PLOS One-15-May-2014
articleMitsui, Nobuyuki; Asakura, Satoshi; Shimizu, Yusuke; Fujii, Yutaka; Toyomaki, Atsuhito; Kako, Yuki; Tanaka, Teruaki; Kitagawa, Nobuki; Inoue, Takeshi; Kusumi, IchiroThe association between suicide risk and self-esteem in Japanese university students with major depressive episodes of major depressive disorder-Neuropsychiatric Disease and Treatment-May-2014
article (author version)Takamura, Naoki; Nakagawa, Shin; Masuda, Takahiro; Boku, Shuken; Kato, Akiko; Song, Ning; An, Yan; Kitaichi, Yuji; Inoue, Takeshi; Koyama, Tsukasa; Kusumi, IchiroThe effect of dopamine on adult hippocampal neurogenesis-Progress in neuro-psychopharmacology & biological psychiatry-3-Apr-2014
article (author version)Nakai, Yukiei; Inoue, Takeshi; Toda, Hiroyuki; Toyomaki, Atsuhito; Nakato, Yasuya; Nakagawa, Shin; Kitaichi, Yuji; Kameyama, Rie; Hayashishita, Yoshiyuki; Wakatsuki, Yumi; Oba, Koji; Tanabe, Hajime; Kusumi, IchiroThe influence of childhood abuse, adult stressful life events and temperaments on depressive symptoms in the nonclinical general adult population-Journal of Affective Disorders-Apr-2014
articleMasuda, Takahiro; Inoue, Takeshi; An, Yan; Takamura, Naoki; Nakagawa, Shin; Kitaichi, Yuji; Koyama, Tsukasa; Kusumi, IchiroEffect of the coadministration of citalopram with mirtazapine or atipamezole on rat contextual conditioned fear-Neuropsychiatric disease and treatment-11-Feb-2014
article (author version)Boku, Shuken; Nakagawa, Shin; Masuda, Takahiro; Nishikawa, Hiroyuki; Kato, Akiko; Takamura, Naoki; Omiya, Yuki; Kitaichi, Yuji; Inoue, Takeshi; Kusumi, IchiroValproate recovers the inhibitory effect of dexamethasone on the proliferation of the adult dentate gyrus-derived neural precursor cells via GSK-3 beta and beta-catenin pathway-European journal of pharmacology-15-Jan-2014
articleBoku, Shuken; Hisaoka-Nakashima, Kazue; Nakagawa, Shin; Kato, Akiko; Kajitani, Naoto; Inoue, Takeshi; Kusumi, Ichiro; Takebayashi, MinoruTricyclic Antidepressant Amitriptyline Indirectly Increases the Proliferation of Adult Dentate Gyrus-Derived Neural Precursors: An Involvement of Astrocytes-Plos one-18-Nov-2013
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