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articleOkamoto, Ichie; Miyaji, Hirofumi; Miyata, Saori; Shitomi, Kanako; Sugaya, Tsutomu; Ushijima, Natsumi; Akasaka, Tsukasa; Enya, Satoshi; Saita, Satoshi; Kawasaki, HideyaAntibacterial and Antibiofilm Photodynamic Activities of Lysozyme-Au Nanoclusters/Rose Bengal Conjugates-ACS Omega-23-Mar-2021
articleMayumi, Kayoko; Miyaji, Hirofumi; Miyata, Saori; Nishida, Erika; Furihata, Tomokazu; Kanemoto, Yukimi; Sugaya, Tsutomu; Shitomi, Kanako; Akasaka, TsukasaAntibacterial coating of tooth surface with ion-releasing pre-reacted glass-ionomer (S-PRG) nanofillers-Heliyon-Feb-2021
articleNISHIDA, Erika; MIYAJI, Hirofumi; SHITOMI, Kanako; SUGAYA, Tsutomu; AKASAKA, TsukasaEvaluation of antibacterial and cytocompatible properties of multiple-ion releasing zinc-fluoride glass nanoparticles-Dental Materials Journal-25-Jan-2021
articleNarazaki, Aiko; Oyane, Ayako; Miyaji, HirofumiLaser-Induced Forward Transfer with Optical Stamp of a Protein-Immobilized Calcium Phosphate Film Prepared by Biomimetic Process to a Human Dentin-Applied Sciences-11-Nov-2020
articleShitomi, Kanako; Miyaji, Hirofumi; Kawsaki, HideyaAntibacterial/Photosensitizing Action of Thiolate-protected Metal Nanoclusters and Their Application to Antimicrobial Photodynamic Therapyチオラート保護金属ナノクラスターの抗菌/光増感作用と抗菌光線力学療法(a-PDT)への応用Accounts of Materials & Surface Research材料表面4-Sep-2020
article (author version)Shitomi, Kanako; Miyaji, Hirofumi; Miyata, Saori; Sugaya, Tsutomu; Ushijima, Natsumi; Akasaka, Tsukasa; Kawasaki, HideyaPhotodynamic inactivation of oral bacteria with silver nanoclusters/rose bengal nanocomposite-Photodiagnosis and Photodynamic Therapy-Jun-2020
articleMIYAJI, Hirofumi; KATO, Akihito; TANAKA, SaoriSuppression of root caries progression by application of Nanoseal®: a single-blind randomized clinical trial-Dental Materials Journal-27-May-2020
articleMIYAJI, Hirofumi; MAYUMI, Kayoko; MIYATA, Saori; NISHIDA, Erika; SHITOMI, Kanako; HAMAMOTO, Asako; TANAKA, Saori; AKASAKA, TsukasaComparative biological assessments of endodontic root canal sealer containing surface pre-reacted glass-ionomer (S-PRG) filler or silica filler-Dental Materials Journal-30-Jan-2020
articleSHITOMI, Kanako; MIYAJI, Hirofumi; MIYATA, Saori; NISHIDA, Erika; MAYUMI, Kayoko; SUGAYA, Tsutomu; KAWASAKI, HideyaHuman Dentin Coated with Silver Nanoclusters Exhibits Antibacterial Activity against Streptococcus mutans-Nano Biomedicine-4-Aug-2019
articleNarazaki, Aiko; Oyane, Ayako; Komuro, Saki; Kurosaki, Ryozo; Kameyama, Tomoko; Sakamaki, Ikuko; Araki, Hiroko; Miyaji, HirofumiBioactive micropatterning of apatite immobilizing cell adhesion protein by laser-induced forward transfer with a shock absorber-Optical materials express-1-Jul-2019
article菅原, 由紀; 宮治, 裕史; 佐藤, 嘉晃重度歯周炎と精神遅滞を伴う成人上顎前突症例A case of adult maxillary protrusion with severe periodontitis and mental retardation.北海道歯学雑誌-Mar-2019
articleOyane, Ayako; Nakamura, Maki; Sakamaki, Ikuko; Shimizu, Yoshiki; Miyata, Saori; Miyaji, HirofumiLaser-assisted wet coating of calcium phosphate for surface-functionalization of PEEK-PLoS ONE-31-Oct-2018
articleNathanael, A. Joseph; Oyane, Ayako; Nakamura, Maki; Koga, Kenji; Nishida, Erika; Tanaka, Saori; Miyaji, HirofumiCalcium phosphate coating on dental composite resins by a laser-assisted biomimetic process-Heliyon-Aug-2018
articleMakita, Reika; Akasaka, Tsukasa; Tamagawa, Seiichi; Yoshida, Yasuhiro; Miyata, Saori; Miyaji, Hirofumi; Sugaya, TsutomuPreparation of micro/nanopatterned gelatins crosslinked with genipin for biocompatible dental implants-Beilstein journal of nanotechnology-11-Jun-2018
articleMiyaji, Hirofumi; Murakami, Shusuke; Nishida, Erika; Akasaka, Tsukasa; Fugetsu, Bunshi; Umeda, Junko; Kondoh, Katsuyoshi; Iizuka, Tadashi; Sugaya, TsutomuEvaluation of Tissue Behavior on Three-dimensional Collagen Scaffold Coated with Carbon Nanotubes and β-tricalcium Phosphate Nanoparticles-Journal of Oral Tissue Engineering-1-May-2018
articleKawamoto, Kohei; Miyaji, Hirofumi; Nishida, Erika; Miyata, Saori; Kato, Akihito; Tateyama, Akito; Furihata, Tomokazu; Shitomi, Kanako; Iwanaga, Toshihiko; Sugaya, TsutomuCharacterization and evaluation of graphene oxide scaffold for periodontal wound healing of class II furcation defects in dog-International Journal of Nanomedicine-18-Apr-2018
articleNagao, Keishi; Miyaji, Hirofumi; Nishida, Erika; Akasaka, Tsukasa; Miyata, Saori; Shitomi, Kanako; Mayumi, Kayoko; Kato, Akihito; Sugaya, TsutomuNear-infrared Irradiation and Graphene Oxide Film Fabricated on Dentin Surface Exhibit Photothermal and Antibacterial Effects-Journal of Oral Hygiene & Health-10-Jan-2018
articleTateyama, Akito; Kato, Akihito; Miyaji, Hirofumi; Nishida, Erika; Iwasaki, Yasuhiro; Fujii, Syuji; Kawamoto, Kohei; Shitomi, Kanako; Furihata, Tomokazu; Mayumi, Kayoko; Sugaya, TsutomuBone Induction by α-tricalcium Phosphate Microparticle Emulsion Containing Simvastatin-Nano Biomedicine-30-Dec-2017
articleMiyata, Saori; Miyaji, Hirofumi; Kawasaki, Hideya; Nishida, Erika; Shitomi, Kanako; Akasaka, Tsukasa; Tanaka, Saori; Iizuka, Tadashi; Sugaya, TsutomuAntibacterial and cytotoxic effects of photoexcited Au clusters via blue high-power or white low-power light emitting diode irradiation-Biology, Engineering and Medicine-Oct-2017
articleSugaya, Tsutomu; Tanaka, Saori; Miyaji, Hirofumi; Shimoji, Shinji; Kudo, Megumi; Takefu, Hiroe; Washizu, TaroTreatment of infected root canals with 4-META/MMA-TBB resin-北海道歯学雑誌-Sep-2017
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