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TypeAuthor(s)TitleOther TitlesCitationCitation(alt)Issue Date
article (author version)Takakura, Hideo; Goto, Yuto; Kitamura, Akira; Yoshihara, Toshitada; Tobita, Seiji; Kinjo, Masataka; Ogawa, MikakoAnalysis of the triplet-state kinetics of a photosensitizer for photoimmunotherapy by fluorescence correlation spectroscopy-Journal of photochemistry and photobiology a-chemistry-1-Mar-2021
article (author version)Kitamura, Akira; Numazawa, Rika; Kinjo, MasatakaConformational stabilization of optineurin by the dynamic interaction of linear polyubiquitin-Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications-25-Jun-2021
article (author version)Kitamura, Akira; Kubota, Hiroshi; Pack, Chan-Gi; Matsumoto, Gen; Hirayama, Shoshiro; Takahashi, Yasuo; Kimura, Hiroshi; Kinjo, Masataka; Morimoto, Richard; Nagata, KazuhiroCytosolic chaperonin prevents polyglutamine toxicity with altering the aggregation state.-Nature cell biology-Dec-2006
article (author version)Kitamura, Akira; Ishida, Yoshihito; Kubota, Hiroshi; Pack, Chan-Gi; Homma, Takayuki; Ito, Shinya; Araki, Kazutaka; Kinjo, Masataka; Nagata, KazuhiroDetection of substrate binding of a collagen-specific molecular chaperone HSP47 in solution using fluorescence correlation spectroscopy-Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications-10-Feb-2018
article (author version)Kitamura, Akira; Shimizu, Hiroki; Kinjo, MasatakaDetermination of cytoplasmic optineurin foci sizes using mage correlation spectroscopy-Journal of biochemistry-Sep-2018
article (author version)Tiwari, Manisha; Mikuni, Shintaro; Muto, Hideki; Kinjo, MasatakaDetermination of dissociation constant of the NF kappa B p50/p65 heterodimer using fluorescence cross-correlation spectroscopy in the living cell-Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications-5-Jul-2013
article (author version)Kitamura, Akira; Inada, Noriko; Kubota, Hiroshi; Matsumoto, Gen; Kinjo, Masataka; Morimoto, Richard I; Nagata, KazuhiroDysregulation of the proteasome increases the toxicity of ALS-linked mutant SOD1.-Genes to cells-Mar-2014
article (author version)Kitamura, Akira; Nakayama, Yusaku; Kinjo, MasatakaEfficient and dynamic nuclear localization of green fluorescent protein via RNA binding-Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications-31-Jul-2015
article (author version)Fukushima, Ryosuke; Yamamoto, Johtaro; Kinjo, MasatakaEmpirical Bayes method using surrounding pixel information for number and brightness analysis-Biophysical journal-1-Jun-2021
article (author version)Ito, Toshiyuki; Oshita, Shugo; Nakabayashi, Takakazu; Sun, Fan; Kinjo, Masataka; Ohta, NobuhiroFluorescence lifetime images of green fluorescent protein in HeLa cells during TNF-α induced apoptosis-Photochemical & Photobiological Sciences-Jun-2009
article (author version)Oasa, Sho; Sasaki, Akira; Yamamoto, Johtaro; Mikuni, Shintaro; Kinjo, MasatakaHomodimerization of glucocorticoid receptor from single cells investigated using fluorescence correlation spectroscopy and microwells-FEBS Letters-4-Aug-2015
articleKitamura, Akira; Nakayama, Yusaku; Shibasaki, Ai; Taki, Ayami; Yuno, Sachiko; Takeda, Kayo; Yahara, Masao; Tanabe, Naoki; Kinjo, MasatakaInteraction of RNA with a C-terminal fragment of the amyotrophic lateral sclerosis-associated TDP43 reduces cytotoxicity-Scientific reports-13-Jan-2016
articleKitamura, Akira; Yuno, Sachiko; Kawamura, Rintaro; Kinjo, MasatakaIntracellular Conformation of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis-Causative TDP-43-International Journal of Molecular Sciences-Mar-2023
article (author version)Ohsugi, Yu; Saito, Kenta; Tamura, Mamoru; Kinjo, MasatakaLateral Mobility of Membrane-Binding Proteins in Living Cells Measured by Total Internal Reflection Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy-Biophysical Journal-Nov-2006
article (author version)Pack, Changi; Saito, Kenta; Tamura, Mamoru; Kinjo, MasatakaMicroenvironment and Effect of Energy Depletion in the Nucleus Analyzed by Mobility of Multiple Oligomeric EGFPs-Biophysical Journal-Nov-2006
article (author version)Kitamura, Akira; Iwasaki, Nodoka; Kinjo, MasatakaMolecular chaperone HSP70 prevents formation of inclusion bodies of the 25-kDa C-terminal fragment of TDP-43 by preventing aggregate accumulation-Cell stress & chaperones-Nov-2018
articleYamamoto, Johtaro; Mikuni, Shintaro; Kinjo, MasatakaMultipoint fluorescence correlation spectroscopy using spatial light modulator-Biomedical Optics Express-1-Dec-2018
articleMikuni, Shintaro; Yamamoto, Johtaro; Horio, Takashi; Kinjo, MasatakaNegative Correlation between the Diffusion Coefficient and Transcriptional Activity of the Glucocorticoid Receptor-International Journal of Molecular Sciences-Sep-2017
article (author version)Kiboku, Takayuki; Katoh, Tsuyoshi; Nakamura, Akio; Kitamura, Akira; Kinjo, Masataka; Murakami, Yota; Takahashi, MasayukiNonmuscle myosin II folds into a 10S form via two portions of tail for dynamic subcellular localization-Genes to Cells-Feb-2013
articleIslam, Md. Serajul; Honma, Masato; Nakabayashi, Takakazu; Kinjo, Masataka; Ohta, NobuhiropH Dependence of the Fluorescence Lifetime of FAD in Solution and in Cells-International Journal of Molecular Sciences-Jan-2013
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