Japanese Journal of Veterinary Research

Volume 45, Number 2     (1997-08 issued)

Short-term hemodialysis treatment in dogs and cats with total uretic obstruction PDF
MASHITA, Tadahisa;YASUDA, Jun;IIJIMA, Megumi;TAKIGUCHI, Mitsuyoshi;YAMAZAKI, Tadayoshi;HASHIMOTO, Akira 59-65
In vitro viability of mouse 8-cell embryos vitrified in a simple solution of ethylene glycol PDF
BAUTISTA, Jose Arceo N.;TAKAHASHI, Yoshiyuki;KANAGAWA, Hiroshi 67-73
Effect of ultraviolet radiation on the infectivity of Taenia taeniaeformis eggs PDF
KONNO, Kenjiro;OKU, Yuzaburo;SAKAI, Hirofumi;KAMIYA, Masao 75-79
Production of monoclonal antibodies against canine leukocytes and investigation of their reactivity by flow cytometry and immunohistochemistry PDF
IWAMI, Yukihiko 81-82
Immunohistochemical study on local immune system of chicken oviduct PDF
MOHAMMED, Zahirul Islam Khan 82-83
Development of Diagnostic Methods for Bovine Herpesvirus 1 Infection PDF
AARON, Simanyengwe Mweene 84-85
Mechanisms of immuno-suppression induced by Marek's disease virus and involvement of T lymphocytes in the protective effects of Marek's disease vaccine PDF
MORIMURA, Toshifumi 85-87
Study on the analysis of canine renal hemodynamics using Doppler ultrasonography as a non-invasive diagnostic method PDF
MIYAMOTO, Toru 87-89
Pathological studies on skin lesions caused by Marek's disease virus in chickens PDF
CHO, Kyoung-Oh 89-90
Studies on renal lesions and the pathogenesis in chicks infected with infectious bronchitis virus PDF
CHEN, Bing Yue 91-92
Radiation-induced DNA damage : Analysis of the "quasi-direct" effect by evaluating the generation of 8-hydroxyguanine, alkali-labile sites and DNA strand breaks in γ-irradiated frozen aqueous solutions of DNA at 77 K PDF
OHSHIMA, Hideki 92-94
Mechanisms of catecholamine secretion and elevation of intracellular Ca^<2+> concentration induced by muscarine and purine receptor in adrenal chromaffin cells of guinea pig PDF
ASANO, Tadashi 94-95
Study of antitumor immunity induced by neocarzinostatin derivative, zinostatin stimalamaer PDF
MASUDA, Etsuko 95-96
Ultrastructural studies on bone lesions of rachitic chicks PDF
TAKECHI, Masato 97-98
Vitrification of bovine blastocysts derived from in vitro maturation, in vitro fertilization and in vitro culture PDF
KUWAYAMA, Masashige 98-100
Comparison between inhibitory effects of substance P and of hexamethonium on nicotinic acetylcholine receptor in bovine adrenal chromaffin cells PDF
SUZUKI, Syuka 101-101
Analysis of adenylate cyclase subtypes which couple to D1 dopamine receptor in SK-N-MC human neuroblastoma cells PDF
OKADA, Shoko 102-103
The effect of palytoxin in cultured porcine adrenal medullary cells PDF
KADOTA, Hidetoshi 103-103
Development of diagnostic method of influenza virus infection by the detection of antibodies to the NS protein PDF
OZAKI, Hiroichi 104-104
Development of a nasal vaccine of infectious bovine rhinotracheitis : Protective immunogenicity of baculovirus-expressed glycoproteins of bovine herpesvirus 1 PDF
YANO, Atsushi 105-105
Analyses of antigenic diversity of a major surface protein of Theileria sergenti and host immune responses against the parasite PDF
IWASAKI, Tadashi 105-106
Immune responses and epitope analysis against bovine leukemia virus transactivator tax PDF
SAKAKIBARA, Nobuhiro 106-107
Improvement of coproantigen detection methods for the diagnosis of the definitive hosts of Echinococcus multilocularis PDF
FURUSAWA, Richiko 107-108
Time course of antibody response against the infection with eggs of Echinococcus multilocularis in mice PDF
MATSUMOTO, Jun 108-109
Ecological study on the hookworm, Uncinaria lucasi, of northern fur seal, Callorhynus ursinus, in bering island, russia PDF
MIZUNO, Ayako 109-110
Analysis of a mouse cDNA which can complement the first meiotic-deficient mutant of the fission yeast Schizosacchromuces pombe PDF
OKAMURA, Tadashi 110-111
Functional analysis of natural resistance-associated macrophage protein (Nramp) in the pathway of nitric oxide synthesis in mice PDF
NOMA, Hiroko 111-112
Molecular biological and histological analyses of Fas receptor-Fas ligand system in the testis of mice PDF
HORIKOSHI, Haruko 112-112
Morphological and genetic analyses of jumbled spine and ribs mutation affecting the vertebral development in mice PDF
MIYOSHI, Hiroyuki 113-113
Analysis of the glycoprotein 25 coding region of the bovine viral diarrhea virus gene PDF
KAWAMURA, Hiromi 114-114
Isolation and identification of the rumen bacteria responsible for the onset of onion-induced hemolytic anemia in ruminants PDF
MAETA, Akiko 114-115
Identification of a genetic defect and the establishment of gene diagnosis of cutaneous asthenia in a Holstein cow PDF
MIYAKE, Sachiko 115-116
Studies on the cause of increased multiplication of Babesia gibsoni in reticulocytes PDF
YAMASAKI, Masahiro 116-116
Effects of chitin and its derivatives on the activation of human umbilical vein endothelial cells PDF
IRIE, Yukiko 117-117
Efficacy of intravenous administration of hyaluronic acid for experimentally induced arthritis in horses PDF
KASAHARA, Mihoko 118-118
Survey of death causes in northern fur seal pups on bering island : on the basis of pathological changes PDF
KATO, Kensuke 119-119
Molecular biological studies of rabbit hemorrhagic disease virus (Japanese isolate) : in situ localization, molecular cloning and sequencing of the viral genome PDF
MITSUI, Ikki 120-121
Annual and perinatal changes in fecal testosterone concentrations in Ezo Sika deer (Cervis nippon yeoensis HEUDE) PDF
OSADA, Yukiko 121-122
Behavioral development of foals during the preweaning period in Thoroughbred (Equus caballus) : spatial and nearest neighbor relations, and day-time time-budgets PDF
GUNJIMA, Masahiko 122-122
The relationships among the morphological and histological features of bovine follicles and the estimated developmental competence of oocytes PDF
TOCHIHARA, Takanobu 123-123
Effects of ovarian status, oocyte morphology and hormone supplementation on in vitro maturation of domestic cat oocytes PDF
FUJITA, Shiho 123-124
Histopathological study on pancreatic acinar atrophy in the dog PDF
AZUMA, Yoko 124-125
Clinicopathological studies of serum adenosine deaminase activity in cattle PDF
CHIKUMA, Shunsuke 125-126
Clinical application of ultrasonographic examination to the canine neonatal brain PDF
CHIBA, Yuzumi 126-127
Study on development of serodiagnosis for Borna disease virus infection using recombinant antigen PDF
OGINO, Michiko 127-127
Geographic distribution and genetic variation of hantavirus in Hokkaido and Far East Russia PDF
SAWABE, Junko 128-128
Epidemiological study on hantavirus infection by capture ELISA and generation of serotyping diagnostic antigen by using recombinant hantavirus nucleocapsid protein PDF
MORII, Mayuko 129-129
Evaluation of serodiagnostic methods for tick-borne encephalitis and a serological survey in wild rodents PDF
TANAKA, Hiroko 130-130
Application of representational difference analysis for cloning of DNA fragments with base sequences specific to a virulent strain of Marek's disease virus PDF
ITO, Mika 131-131
Transcriptional analysis of Marek's disease virus (MDV) genes in MDV-transformed lymphoblastoid cells without activated cells PDF
UI, Masahiro 132-132
Three-dimensional visualization of abdominal and thoracic organs of rodents by superimposing MRI multislices with a computer-graphic technique PDF
OHKURA, Kaori 133-133
Effect of green tea on hepatic enzyme activities and mutagenic transformation of benzo[a]pyrene PDF
NIKAIDOU, Satoshi 134-134
Strain differences in age-associated change in Testosterone 6β-hydroxylation in Wistar and Dark Agouti rats PDF
MAEDA, Yutaka 135-135
Regio- and stereoselective propranolol metabolism by 3 forms of purified cytochrome P450 from rat liver and the effect of cytochrome b5 on these metabolisms PDF
MARUMO, Sativa 135-136