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Scanning electron micrographs of canine mature red cells (erythrocytes) and a reticulocyte, the immediate precursor of the mature red cell(lower right). Reticulocytes are multilobular or cup shaped and possess the increased volume and membrane surface area. Acquisition of a favorable surface area/volume relationship is important for normal erythrocytes to undergo marked deformation while maintaining a constant surface area, and is achieved by membrane remodeling during reticulocyte maturation involving the exosome extrusion process.
See the article by Tomohiko Komatsu et al. on page 17.

Volume 58, Number 1    (2010-05 issued)


Coculture of equine mesenchymal stem cells and mature equine articular chondrocytes results in improved chondrogenic differentiation of the stem cells PDF
Lettry, Vivien;Hosoya, Kenji;Takagi, Satoshi;Okumura, Masahiro 5-15
Extrusion of Na,K-ATPase and transferrin receptor with lipid raft-associated proteins in different populations of exosomes during reticulocyte maturation in dogs PDF
Komatsu, Tomohiko;Arashiki, Nobuto;Otsuka, Yayoi;Sato, Kota;Inaba, Mutsumi 17-27


INFORMATION: Theses for the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (equivalent to Ph.D.) PDF
INFORMATION: Theses for the Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine PDF
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