Japanese Journal of Veterinary Research


Volume 64 Supplement 2    (2016-4 issued)

Occurrence and molecular characterization of multidrug-resistant Acinetobacter baumannii isolated from humans and dogs PDF
Suelam, Iman I. A.;Merwad, Abdallah M. A. S1-S7
First detection of highly pathogenic avian influenza virus H5N1 in common kestrel falcon (Falco tinnunculus) in Egypt PDF
ElBakrey, Reham M.;Mansour, Shimaa M. G.;Ali, Haytham;Knudsen, David E. B.;Eid, Amal A. M. S9-S14
Giardia lamblia in household persons and buffalo calves; prevalence, molecular identification and associated risk factors PDF
Gharieb, Rasha M. A.;El-Ghany, Amany M. Abd S15-S22
Diversity of lactic acid bacteria isolated from raw milk in Elsharkia province, Egypt PDF
Alnakip, Mohamed E. A.;Mohamed, Asmaa S.;Kamal, Rania M.;Elbadry, Seham S23-S30
Growth performance and immunity of broilers fed rancid oil diets that supplemented with pomegranate peel extract and sage oil PDF
Kishawy, Asmaa T.;Omar, Anaam E.;Gomaa, Ayman M. S31-S38
Association of polymorphisms in kappa casein gene with milk traits in Holstein Friesian cattle PDF
Awad, Ashraf;El Araby, Iman E.;El-Bayomi, Khairy M.;Zaglool, Asmaa W. S39-S43
Genotypic detection of the fimA gene and virulence associated genes of salmonellea in cattle PDF
EL-Sherbiny, Fatma;El-Bialy, Amany I.;Salwa, M. H.;Ammar, A. M. S45-S51
Detection of SNPs in growth hormone and insulin like growth factor -1 genes in two divergently selected lines of Japanese quail PDF
El-Bayomi, Khairy M.;El-Tarabany, Mahmoud S.;Asr, Mohammed A. F.;Awad, Ashraf;Roushdy, El-Shimaa M. S53-S57
Toxic metals in organic, home and commercially produced eggs, comparative and risk assessment study PDF
Kamal, Rania M.;Albadry, Seham M.;Bayoumi, Mohamed A. S59-S64
Optimization of the isolation process of putative bovine mammary stem cells PDF
Abdelfattah-Hassan, Ahmed;Saadeldin, Islam M.;Ghonimi, Wael S65-S71
Effects of rare earth elements and exogenous multienzyme supplementation to plant protein enriched diet on growth performance, digestibility and economic efficiency of Nile tilapia, Oreochromis Niloticus PDF
Eleraky, Wafaa;Ibrahim, Doaa;Mahmoud, Rania S73-S78
Influence of fipronil intoxication on thyroid gland ultra-structure and hepatic microsomal enzymes expression in male albino rats PDF
Ehsan, H. A.;Mervat, H. G.;Eman, W. E.;Magdy, F. A. S79-S85
Influence of diets supplemented with pomegranate peel extract on performance in Oreochromus niloticus PDF
Badawi, Mohamed E.;Gomaa, Ayman M. S87-S94
Occurrence of Bacillus cereus in raw milk and some dairy products in Egypt PDF
Mohamed, Asmaa S.;Alnakip, Mohamed E. A.;Aal, Salah F. Abd-El S95-S103
Molecular profile of some Bacillus cereus strains isolated from milk with reference to its susceptibility to lysozyme PDF
Suelam, Iman I. A.;Merwad, Abdallah M. A.;Mohamed, Mohamed E. M. S103-S108
Pharmacokinetics of cefquinome following multiple doses intramuscular administration in goats using HPLC PDF
Hamed, Eslam;Mahmoud, Fagr A;Altohamy, Dlia E S109-S115
Pathological findings of cutaneous periocular habronemiasis in a horse in Egypt PDF
Ali, Abdel-Moneim;Fathy, Ashraf;Ibrahem, Rania;Gomaa, Mohamed;Naif, AL-Gabri S117-S122
Lethrinas nebulosus fish as a biomarker for petroleum hydrocarbons pollution in Red Sea : Alterations in antioxidants mRNA expression PDF
Afifi, Mohamed;Ali, Haytham A.;Saber, Taghred M.;El-Murr, Abd elhakeem S123-S129
Sublethal effect of fipronil exposure on liver and kidney tissues with evaluation of the recovery ability of Japanese quail (Coturnix japonica) PDF
Ali, Sozan A.;Mohamed, Amany Abdel-Rahman;Ali, Haytham;Elbohi, Khlood M. S131-S138
Effect of different photoperiods on some maintenance behavior, external and internal egg quality traits of layers PDF
Mohammed, Hesham H. S139-S142
Behavior of laying hens in relation to housing system and stain PDF
Mohammed, Hesham H.;Said, Enas N. S143-S148
Prevalence of diarrheagenic Escherichia coli in suckling rabbits PDF
Eldin, Walaa Fathy Saad;Reda, Lamyaa M. S149-S153
Comparative evaluation of Interleukin-6, somatic cell count and electrical conductivity as predictive tools for subclinical mastitis in dairy Buffaloes PDF
Bayoumi, Mohamed A.;Amer, Ibrahim H.;Mansour, Mohamed A.;Handousa, Sara A. S155-S160
Zinc nanoparticles induced brain lesions and behavioral changes in two Tilapia species PDF
Afifi, Mohamed;Zinada, Osama A. Abu;Ali, Haytham;Couderchet, Michel S161-S166
Mould contamination and aflatoxin residues in frozen chicken meat-cuts and giblets PDF
Darwish, Wageh S.;Bayomi, Rasha M. El;El-Moaty, Amany M. Abd;Gad, Tamer M. S167-S171
Occurrence, phenotypic and genotypic characterization of multidrug resistant zoonotic bacteria isolated from poultry slaughterhouses PDF
Nabawy, Ehab E.;Gharieb, Rasha M. A.;Tharwat, Ahmed E. S173-S180
Prevalence, antibiogram, molecular characterization and reduction trial of Salmonella typhimurium isolated from different fish species PDF
Bayomi, Rasha M. El;Darwish, Wageh S.;El-Moaty, Amany M. Abd;Gad, Tamer M. S181-S186
Comparative effects of using prebiotic, probiotic, synbiotic and acidifier on growth performance, intestinal microbiology and histomorphology of broiler chicks PDF
Al-Sultan, Saad I.;Abdel-Raheem, Sherief M.;El-Ghareeb, Waleed R.;Mohamed, Mahmoud H. A. S187-S195
Curcumin ameliorates mancozeb-induced neurotoxicity in rats PDF
Saber, Taghred M.;El-Aziz, Reda M. Abd S197-S202
Detection of Candida albicans anti-mannan antibodies by enzyme linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) for diagnosis of invasive candidiasis in human and cattle PDF
Ammar, A. M.;Agour, M. G.;Tartor, Yasmine H.;El-Feky, T. M. S203-S209
Molecular typing, virulence genes and potential public health implications of Candida albicans isolated from bovine milk PDF
Mousa, Walid;Elmonir, Walid;Abdeen, Eman S211-S215
Assessment of biogenic amines content in fresh cattle livers during chilling storage and panroasting PDF
Eldaly, Elsaid A.;Hussein, Mohamed A.;El-Ghareeb, Waleed R. S217-S223
Effect of cooking methods on some antibiotic residues in chicken meat PDF
Hussein, Mohamed A.;Ahmed, Mona M.;Morshedy, Alaa M. S225-S231
Estimation of organochlorine pesticides and heavy metal residues in two species of mostly consumed fish in Sharkia Governorate, Egypt PDF
Mohamed, Amany Abdel-Rahman;Tharwat, Ahmed El-Sayed;Khalifa, Hesham A. S233-S241
Assessment of the toxic impacts of acute exposure to fipronil insecticide on Japanese quails PDF
Mohammed, Amany Tharwat;Imam, Tamer Said;Farag, Mayada Ragab;Ghoneim, Mervat Hassan S243-S249
Epidemiological prevalence of Pasteurella multocida in ducks PDF
Eldin, Walaa Fathy Saad;Reda, Lamyaa M. S251-S255